Night of Endless Scares – Dev Log 1

Spend the first two days working on the dungeon generator.
It’s nothing too complex, I just want the dungeon to have a start room, end room, and a middle room.
I do have plan for a more complex dungeon, but I’ll save it for the future, for time being.
The following “dungeons” are represented in the form of Unity’s Gizmos due to lack of art assets~ 😛






I’m planning to work on room assigning up next, where I make the script auto-decide which room should be the “treasure chest” room and “key” room.

Nights of Endless Scares – Dev Log 0

This is my first 7DRL.
I’ve only developed 1 RL-kind of game so far, so I guess I know one or two things about RL.

My game’s name is “Nights of Endless Scares”, and the idea was to make a survival horror RL. Not sure if that’s possible, but I’m gonna try to make one for this challenge.

Btw, I’m known for not able to finish any game jam’s game without being pushed.
Thus as always, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to finish this game, and on time.

Will post a new update again tonight.