VectorRL (working title only)


A new game re-using an existing engine I wrote some time ago. Vector graphics. Possibly something inspired by Castle of the Winds. Screenshot above is from the existing engine.

The engine currently runs in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE7+. I’m not going to bother testing in old IEs for the new game so probably IE9+.

I’ve never finished a 7DRL before – hopefully starting with an existing engine this time I will.

Downloads, news etc. will be hosted here if everything works out.

Legend of the Cheese Golem, day 4

Progress could be a lot better but I’ve done a lot considering how long I’ve had to spend on it. Real life and all that.

All the basic code for walking around/blocking/fov etc. is there. The client/server stuff for c# at the back and javascript at the front is there but slightly broken at the moment so working with the standard console version.

World is generating, saving/loading etc. Not so much to do now there.

Forest is generated using perlin noise:

Which gives me a map vaguely like this (only forest, mountains and a path so far):

A slightly older screenshot which includes rivers:

Anyway, I’m behind my plan but I’m still moderately confident of finishing, albeit without the level of polish I’d like 🙂


Legend of the Cheese Golem

A homage to Seth Able Robinson’s Legend of the Red Dragon

The village is renowned throughout the lands for its high quality cheese, sourced from its legendary cheese mines. However the mines are necessarily far from the village, the dense forest between the village and the mines being overrun with all manner of dangerous creatures. Due to the hazards of transporting the cheese back to the village the local sorcerer fashioned a huge golem out of (what else) cheese to help protect the cheese wagon during its trips to and from the mines. Unfortunately something went wrong and the golem turned on the villagers. It now mindlessly guards the cheese mines and the supply has almost dried up… someone has to do something, and that someone is you.

Github repo

Using NrknLib and jConsole.

Screen (still using world generation from the NrknLib demo, custom world generation TBD tonight):

an @ standing in a forest by a river