Hellspace: Day 5

Completed enough of the map generation to move onto adding monsters, which is good because there is now only two days to go. It feels great thematically, and each new section is a slow descent into horror. Components of computers and contents of storage tanks from earlier in the game are also subtly revealed to be less than innocent as you discover how the station is actually being run.

Hopefully today I can finish monsters and items (as there is some overlap with effects), and that means I’ll have a day to balance, bugfix and polish. That might be too much to ask, but if it can be done then it would be an awesome first as usually I run pretty close to the wire.

Here is a screenshot of the first hostile area, the Engeneering Quater.

Hellspace: Day 4

Progress on room interiors for the engeneering and admin quaters, and I have an idea for the living quater – I’ll rework it as housing cells, where the undead and demons created by the Lazarus corp are housed. Hopefully after I’ve finished that stuff off I’ll be able to start on adding enemies and items – its getting late in the week now!

Anyway, welcome to Lazarus research space station!

Its good to have more meat for the grinders…

Hellspace: Day 2 (and 3)

I don’t really feel like I got a lot done for day 2 because I spend a few hours doing map generation for the living and recreation quater of of the space station and it just turned awful. It doesn’t fit with the theme of the other areas at all – which is a science space station working on dark things being overrun by demons (think doom 3). The main problem with this is 2 random sections of the area are designated a park with trees and water… and now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t think I’ll be able to make up suitable room interiors to fit the theme either… I’ll hold off showing a screenshot of that until I can think of something better to replace the area. Anyway…

This is the engineering quater – Featuring a large engine in the middle of the map, and a pentagram hidden underneath metal panels in the floor/walls. Rooms haven’t yet been filled with interesting stuff.

This is the administration quater – Featuring corrupted areas, where the metal walls become purple bricks with flaming torches, and a bit more of a dungeon feel. Again, Rooms haven’t yet been filled with interesting stuff.

Also… what is that thing in the bottom right? You’ll have to make it that far to find out!

Day 3 was unfortunately a write off, as I was out doing other things. Feeling good about day 4 though! time to get stuck into it!

Hellspace: Day 1

I’m quite happy with yesterdays progress.

I’ve done the menu, and the intro/closing cutscenes. I have the basic shape of the one giant space-station level complete (but no rooms or internal structure), and the primary obstacles to the next section in place. Angling sections of map is in place, but there’s something wrong with with it – once you get a few angled sections away, the offset isn’t quite right and the areas begin to overlap as can be seen in the left section of the catwalk in the below screenshot:

I dunno what could be causing that, maybe a rounding error somewhere? Maybe because it can’t rotate on the centre pixel of a tile because they’re 16 pixels each? Well it might be getting on my nerves a bit, but Its good enough for now – I’ll see if I have time to fix it at the end of the week.

I’m excited though! It’s otherwise looking good!

7DRL: Hellspace

Hello all! I’m Numeron, and this year will mark my 7th roguelike challenge. My last few games have been pretty well received, so hopefully this year will be another good one.

I had an idea where I thought it would be cool if I could create angled and even partially rounded structures in map generation by dividing out little chunks of map and setting them at angles. As the player walks from one section to the next, the camera rotates to keep the grid the player is on upright – like so:

I originally intended to do a FTL-like game where different sections of ship could be slightly offset, and boarding bridges could be extended between ships at arbitrary angles, but I figured the additional work of interesting FTL-like gameplay would probably amount to too much if I had to do that and implement the above feature as well. Instead, Im making a more straight-forward crawler type game set on a large circular space station. The mysterious Lazarus Research and Development Corporation have been experimenting on giving life back to the dead, summoning demons and practicing other dark sciences. Such practices can’t go on for long without everything going to hell (haha), and they need a badass space marine to go in and mop up. Its name will be Hellspace.

As with the last few years, I’m not starting from scratch – most notably, I’ll continue building on top of the same engine as previous challenges. I’ll also be using a lot of the same artwork, though I’ll definately still have to expand my collection at the same time. A couple of months ago I made a simple proof of concept for the map rotation feature, so I’ll probably be using parts of that code too. As I have for every challenge so far, I’m taking a week off work for extra awesome. Monday I’ll be at a music festival though so hopefully that won’t interfere too much!

Unlike previous years, I hope to update here every day with progress reports and screenshots 🙂 Im normally pretty recluse.

Best of luck to all the other entrants! 😀

Did you complete a 7DRL? Have a medal!

Medal_7DRL_2013Congratulations everyone who completed this year’s 7DRL challenge! Every year someone whips up a medal to give out to the successful entrants, and here is the one for 2013.

So give yourself a pat on the back and have this lovely image to print out and stick on your lapel and/or dispaly on your game download page. If you have a roguebasin page, be sure to update that too! Here is a link which you are free to use as the image source:


The above is sized to fit next to all the past medals, but if anyone wants a super hi-res version click the one below! Its huge!

Well done everybody 😀



7DRL Success: Rogue City Scavenger


Download Here: www.numeronreactor.com

In a violent city under siege by a deadly sickness, you are a stranded CDC agent fighting to find the source before its too late. Explore an open city looking to repair the portal into the quarantine zone, and from there figure out what caused all this madness. Many factions want you dead – The plant-like infected, the authoritative Cyan Security police force, the iron fisted Redbolt electric company, and the many roaming gangs. Worst of them all – an enormous invulnerable monster tracking your every step!


Hello everyone, my name is Numeron and this is my 6th successful 7 day roguelike. I used  the same base engine as I have the last two years, and many of the same art assets, although I spend a considerable amount of time creating new graphics.

This time round has probably been the most work I’ve ever done in such a short period. I mentioned onRoguelike Radio that I was concerned that my scope increases would eventually get the better of me – This year I very nearly didn’t finish despite 13 hour work days, but thanks to a 32 hour marathon at the end, I squeezed it out at the last minute… The sheer number of non-interactable assets is phenomenal  and though it was a ton of work I think the end product looks amazing. I had some neat code which displays a random image for a map object based on the hash of the tile. This means that even though there are a whole bunch of different looking graffiti / trashcans / whatever, there is often only one object behind it all, and that definitely streamlined getting all the assets in. I think in preparation for next year I will be sure to try to streamline many more map generation processes in my engine so that there are even fewer bottle necks between drawing an image and getting it into the game as scenery.

One difference from last year is that I am no longer using Slick for graphics, having upgraded to LibGDX. In previous years, there were a lot of people who couldn’t get the game to run because of OpenGL problems. Many of these problems I believe stem not only from some of Slicks poor use, but also from crappy drivers that don’t work well with OpenGL 2.0… I am no longer using 2.0 (losing FBO’s was a pain but I worked though it) so a lot more people should be able to run the game this year.

So don your gas masks and prepare to enter the quarantine zone! I hope everyone enjoys this game as much as I enjoyed making it!


7drl Success: Nightfall

I havent posted anything to this blog so far this challenge, but I figure its a good way to give myself more exposure now that there are a myriad of new games floating about.

My game is called Nightfall.

You are copilot in a salvage ship operating in an asteroid field when you crash land. But something is amiss… This asteroid seems to support some kind of… life. The shadows themselves form and dissolve in the corners of your eyes and as you begin to set foot away from the crash site, something horrible rises in the distance behind you – A huge wall of shadow forms on the opposite horizon to the sun which is fast falling. You think you can see eyes in the darkness. Hundreds of them. Its time to run.

Pick it up here: www.numeronreactor.com