The Game Formerly Known as Die! Die! Die! Day 4 update

Day 4 is over, and despite my little mid-way change-of-mind I think I’m more or less back on schedule.  Got most of the basic systems in place now and it’s in a semi-playable state.  Here’s what it looks like now:96HoursC 96HoursB 96Hours

Currently goals for today:
– Interface improvements.
– Ranged weapons
– Moving between levels.
– Potions
– Minimap

Also still need to think up a new name…

Die! Die! Die! is Dead! Dead! Dead! 2.5 Day Update

So, this is what my game looked like earlier today:


However… having implemented the basic version of my dice-combat system, I did a bit of playtesting and discovered a bit of an issue – it was dull.  It was dull, dull, dull.

So, somewhat lacking motivation to carry on with that idea I decided to fall back to plan B.  Consequently, the game now looks like this:

61Hrs 60Hrs

Basically, it’s now going to be a fairly traditional roguelike, but viewed from first person.  So, kinda like a turn-based Dungeon Master.  Rather than write a full 3D engine (which I don’t really have time for if I still want this to be a 7DRL) I’m assembling the 3D view out of pre-rendered 2D images, just like in the good old days.

Of course now the game has nothing to do with dice, so I should probably think up a new title… any suggestions please let me know!

Die! Die! Die! 24Hr update

Just coming up to the 24 hour mark, here’s what I’ve got at the moment:


It’s coming along reasonably well – I’ve got the graphics engine, map generation, player movement, LOS and even some very basic enemy AI in there.  The graphics are all either pinched from AS.T.Ro or done in a hurry, so I’ll probably re-do most of them if I have the time.

Die! Die! Die! 7DRL Declaration

For the 7DRL this year my plan is for a game called ‘Die! Die! Die!’, based around a combat system involving dice.

The basic idea is that rather than different weapons in the game having different damage and speed stats and the like, they instead have their own unique six-sided combat dice covered in symbols which represent different outcomes.  So for example a sword might have one stabbing damage side, one slashing damage side, one blocking side and three blank sides (which represent misses).  Additionally, the player and each monster has their own dice with their intrinsic skills.

When you bump an enemy you roll up to three dice – one each for the items in your hands and one for your skills.  You then choose one die to be your action that turn.  Alternatively you can re-roll, but you only have a limited number of re-rolls allowed.

The intent is to make melee combat a bit more interesting and (perhaps counter-intuitively) less based on random chance than it is in most RLs.

That’s the plan, anyway.  I’m going to play it be ear a little bit and may totally alter the design completely half-way through if I find it’s not working.

Here is what else I’m starting with:

Code: I’m planning on using Java along with libgdx (since as a ‘stretch goal’ I’d like to see if I can make an android version).  I have previously written a roguelike in Java called AS.T.Ro, so I’m hoping to be able to steal some stuff from that, although as that game doesn’t use libgdx and was written as more of a turn-based-tactics game than a ‘straight’ roguelike I suspect it will need substantial modification.  I should be able to salvage most of the map stuff and maybe some aspects of monster AI, but most of the rest of it I’ll have to re-do.  I can probably take a few algorithms from my main project as well, although I’ll need to translate them from C++.

Graphics: I originally intended to prepare a tileset in advance, but in the end I was too busy and what graphics I did create I don’t like very much anymore and don’t think I can use.  So, mostly-from-scratch it is, then!

Planned Schedule:
Day 1: Set up basic engine framework for graphics rendering and input.
Day 2: Copy across as much code from AS.T.Ro as I think I can.
Day 3: Get map generation and player movement up and running.
Day 4: Implement combat system and have at least one basic enemy running around to beat up on.
Day 5: Inventory and items.
Day 6: Player progression.  Polishing.
Day 7: More polishing.  Panicking.
Day 8: (Probably) Coming to terms with the fact that I’ve failed.

Time:  7 Days.  Starting from… NOW!