Fremde Brut: Half Success

Today i finished “Fremde Brut”. I streamed the whole development process on twitch and sadly this made me a bit un productive. If you have (want to) explain all these steps you are becoming slow. Anyway, i could not implement all the features i wanted to be in the game (a final boss enemy is missing).

This is a one level roguelike(lite) in which you win the game when you collect all the dogtags from the killed civilians. No major plot involved there.






The game can be downloaded from (

Fehlfunktion – Day 1


Development of Fehlfunktion (Dysfunction) went quite well. I’ve got map generation, exploration, doors and pickups. Code is ugly as hell but that does not matter.

The stream made some trouble but in the end it was up for 5 hours. I’ll do a fast motion video in the end.

Here you can see one of the first screenshots of day 1. As usual i’m using my sprites which i draw several years ago (clearly inspired by an old game called cyberdogs)Fehlfunktion Day1


I’m proud finishing my first 7drl. It’s not as far as i wanted it to be, but it can be played though its missing some features.xenowars-teaser

You can play it using the unity webplayer plugin at

Feel free to drop some comments here. I’ll write some sort of summary of what went wrong or right here in the near future!

Thanks for playing, hope you enjoy it a litte bit.