SRL : Post Mortem

Hi guys. I’ve written up a post mortem of my 7 day roguelike SRL. It’s available on my website, here is the direct link. Happy reading!
This was my first roguelike challenge (hell it’s my first attempt at a roguelike!) so I found it really enjoyable and was fully motivated through the whole week. Appreciate the opportunity so thankyou for running these challenges πŸ™‚

SRL is Finished!

Wow… that was the most intense 7 days development. I think I’ve done 4 all nighters? It might of been 3 , my brain is fried either way.. Anyway! It’s here, and its ready πŸ™‚ It’s a Unity3D Webplayer game, so just go to this website and your away πŸ™‚

I’ll leave most of the features as surprises for you to find out but have fun!

SRL – DAY 4 Is Over!

Whew, it’s been a long couple of day but the fruits of the labour are finally here! In the form of a new video.

The last couple of days I ticked off the generative levels which was a really big one for me. Having never done a RL game before this was from scratch code to generate the levels. I have different room types (some with angled corners (which made it even more of a headache for object / door placement), corridors and many generic objects which you will be able to search through to get your loot.
Also got some bad guys to shoot!

What’s left on the to-do: well all the UI and looting for a start! Then time permitting a nice inventory, extra weapons, more enemy types, boss battle on the bridge? So many possibilities so little time πŸ™‚

Video GO watch! (HD Available)

Introducing SRL

Hi guys, my name is Quick Fingers and this is my first attempt at making a game of this genre πŸ™‚ I like the RogueLike game type but have never attempted Β to make a game like this before. This is my first challenge as a full time Indie developer as well! So super psyched to make something cool πŸ™‚ Β I started on Saturday so I’m 2 days in so far and just writing this after finishing a 14 hour session… As usual when I work on projects I don’t have a set list of goals I just let creativity lead the way and do whatever it is my brain wants to at the time. That’s why I’ve done things like some music and an intro, but haven’t got the generative world in place. I’ve spent the best part on trying to establish a mood that I am happy with. Which is why music and sound was important.

Video available here!