They Look Strange And Have To Die

My little 7DRL was finished yesterday. I’m a bit disappointed by how few time I had to polish the gameplay, but at least the end result is somewhat pretty, although I do know that is not the important aspect of a roguelike. Apart from the music I did everything alone. I didn’t have any time left to add sound effects, unfortunately.

They Look Strange And Have To Die is a first-person shooter roguelike where the player (somehow) stranded on an alien planet and has to find the exit. It’s quite short, as there are only 3 levels, but one has to kill a certain amount of aliens before the exit portal is usable.

If you want you can download the game on I will probably update it soon with different music, but that is not relevant to any aspect of the game, so I hope the entry will still fall under the 7 day rule.

Thanks to Jana for the support, and thanks to the #rgrd on QuakeNet for the motivation.

Success – VARIABLO

Variablo, my little roguelike-experiment, is finished. Overall I had less than 2.5 days of time, but I wanted to try a little idea I had some days before, and it seemed doable in this short amount of time. So here it is:

(made with Unity, but Standalones are provided)

Unfortunately I didn’t have any time for polishing really, and a lot of stuff to make it round is missing (like sounds, or some kind of meaningful ending). As I created the four dungeons in the last two hours, there isn’t much balancing. But overall it is playable.

The game is about you, Mordecai, who was captured by the wizard Variablo, and now you have to flee. Variablo has a very strange dungeon where exits are only visible when the dungeon itself is in its correct form …

As usual, this was a very intense experience, and often I thought I wouldn’t finish it.

Congratulations to all the winners, and those who tried!

Trying something

After some really cool ideas in the beginning (Sunday) which I didn’t start because of a strange mixture of lack of motivation and feeling of guilt (because while jamming I wouldn’t work on TRI), I finally started a project. It isn’t anything like our first ideas, but I want to try something small at least. It’s going to be a puzzle-y mini-roguelike, nothing really fancy. Here are two screenshots from the current state.

It’s not much. Just a proof I’m doing at least *something*.

Day 6 ends – Double Rogue is a success!

Sorry for the lack of updates after day 2, but I never felt the game was quite ready to show it outside IRC with the progress I made in this time. As usual for me, the big portion of playability (like real levels) comes in the last day. As I began Tuesday, the last day was the sixth day.

Alas! The game is finished, and “CubeRL” is now “Double Rogue”. It tells the story of a wizard and a barbarian, sticking together because of an annoying spell. It’s a 3D roguelike, and when I say 3D I mean 3D. See for yourself:

Double Rogue!

There’s still a lot of stuff missing, but now you can (hopefully) play it through. It even has the Amulet of Yendor.

What the game features:

  • turnbased combat, randomness, permadeath
  • six levels with three different “dungeon” types (desert, forest/meadow, stone)
  • 14 enemy types with different behaviors and movement
  • particle effects

Stuff I would like to add some time:

  • sounds and music
  • a minimap
  • balancing …
  • statistics at death/winning

You can play the game on Kongregate! Here are standalone versions (not tested) for

Double Rogue Title