Day 1 starts – CubeRL (working title)

Hey there,

today I will start my 7DRL … well, 5DRL. I will try to make an abstract 3D puzzle-like rogue-like. Tools I gonna use are Unity and 3dsmax. Otherwise I don’t know yet. After our 2011 and 2012 entries Pitman Krumb and Me Against The Mutants my artist unfortunately decided to take a break and I have to work alone for now. This means the art of the game will be a lot worse. 😛

Regards, ratking

After-Challenge-Version of Me Against The Mutants


I made a small update for Me Against The Mutants – you can play the most recent version on Kongregate, or just download the standalone version (8.75 MiB, Windows only)!

Changes include:

  • a preloader
  • volume control via N and M
  • fixed a minor memory leak
  • display of black rectangles for the nonvisible tiles when moving is better now
  • included a timer, so you can see how long you needed to finish the game (or to die)
  • fixed bug with disappearing enemies when moving around (I hope) and non-walkable tiles
  • mana doesn’t drain completely anymore when a mutant is detected inside the self-created infinity rect
  • the message “I’m on the outside.” is gone, as it was confusing for some
  • inventory and end messages update correctly now

Me Against The Mutants – Day 1

This post can also be found on our personal blog.

As planned long before, we take part in the 7-Day-Roguelike-Challenge 2012, and currently are making a roguelike with AS3/Flashpunk. With less time at our hands, we wanted to have a smaller scope than last year (when we did “Pitman Krumb”), which basically means: no 3D (but pixel art instead), no big story or anything, only one dungeon and RPG elements next to zero. Think “3DRL” instead of “7DRL”. Still, there should be at least one interesting gameplay mechanic, and this will be the INFINITY.

Before I explain this Infinity thing, here is the rough premise: In “Me Against The Mutants” you play a liquidator, trying to get rid of the radioactive material lying around everywhere and, which wasn’t really part of the job, killing some mutants. You can walk around and hit enemies – simple as that.

But as you’re pretty weak, mostly weaker than the mutants stumbling around, you get a device … the Infinity Generator. With it you can create rectangles which extend to infinite space (think Portal, but top-down 2D). At least that is the plan, currently I don’t know a) if I can implement this device and b) if it really works as main gameplay. But this was another goal of us – the game should be a little bit experimental. This is true for me (programming the Infinity device) as it is for Jana: we never did a (more or less) full 2D game together, so there is enough new material for both of us to learn.

Right now, after ~10 hours of developing (we started Saturday, 13:37 local time), the following things work:

  • A dungeon gets generated. As the world in itself always has the same elements – a big forest, with some kind of building in the middle – this is how it always looks, but slightly different every time you start the game. The shape of the building varies, and the number of rooms. I did a small test of the dungeon generation algorithm beforehand, you can have a look at it here.
  • Different graphics for forest, building, walls.
  • The main character (four directions) walks around – not finished.

And that’s it. Not very much, I expected to be faster programming-wise, but using a middleware I’m still not 100% proficient in is always holding me back. And as I don’t use the Entity system of Flashpunk as it was meant to be used, it feels much less high-level, and I have to rethink many things; I even get the feeling that I do some things for the first time, which isn’t that much fun.

So, even though I wanted to have the (basically) working game after this weekend, I might want to put more work into it during the week.

Me Against The Mutants, Announcement

OK, we start to work on our “7DRL” (more like 3DRL, probably) now. It’s going to be a game about a liquidator fighting against mutants, with a special device as his only advantage. It probably will be realtime, but we’ll see.

As we don’t have much time, I try to squeeze the work load in 3 “days”. I expect to work longer on it, but I can’t be sure.

  1. map generation
    walking player
    player “visibility”
  2. the “device” (main gameplay mechanic)
    rudimentary fighting system
  3. mutations of the mutants and the player (stats)
    inventory system + items

Um, yes. Good luck to us all! =)

BTW, we have a little sales week running on our website, offering our last roguelike PITMAN for a discount. Also, there might be specials.

Pitman – now on iPhone&Co

After six weeks of polishing and porting we present you Pitman, the iOS game! Thanks to Unity it was (relatively) easy to make a version of “Pitman Krumb” that runs on iPhone and iPad.

The controls were optimized for the different sizes of the phone and the pad, and of course the interface and the balancing of the gameplay got an overhaul. We also added a new type of dungeon and a new enemy. You can get a free test version on the App Store, and of course buy the full game there, too.

The reason why we decided to make Pitman our first commercial game is that we had so much fun participating in this challenge – so we dropped our “real” project and did this instead.

So, thanks again for this opportunity to the organizers, and all the other challengers! It was a very cool experience!

Pitman – After-Challenge Update

I took the time to make some essential bugfixes and also updates to Pitman Krumb. Be aware that I tried to make it better, but didn’t have time to test the changes thoroughly – any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Version 1.1 can be played/downloaded here:

Standalone Win:
Standalone Mac:


– The game saves now after every round, and can be continued after quitting.
– Better balancing.
– Enemies have red rimlight.
– Mana regeneration (random).
– Bugfix: Ladder to next level sometimes did not appear.
– Bugfix: You can’t hurt friendly NPCs with the bow any more.
– You won’t get hungry so fast any more.
– Weapons and magic potions/scrolls/runes with low level also spawn on high dungeon levels.
– There is “winning” condition now.
– You can walk the path according your speed in all cases.
– Ladder to next level is better recognizable.

Download links for the seven-day-version are still intact, of course.