Gelassenheit RL Success

Gimmick: Instead of just identifying items, in this game you also identify inputs/terrain/enemies/UI.

Ascend to the 5th floor to win. Easy/Turn-based modes can be enabled in “options.txt” (recommended if you want to figure out what is going on). “manual.txt” explains the details of the game.

Download for Windows
Download Python 2 source (requires pygame)

Video of me beating the game:

Cinnamon Fins RL Success


Download Cinnamon Fins RL (Windows exe and python source)

resource management game

arrow keys or left click to move
1-6 or left click to use potion
right click for description
? help screen

get to 0 points to win

resources shown on left side of screen: amount/max
move to a tile to add/remove the resources shown
resources taken in order from top to bottom, left to right
if you try to go under 0 or over max resources you will fail and stop

you lose 1 food per move to empty tile, 3 per move otherwise
if food reaches 0, 5 enemies and 5 food are added

read the manual for more details

EDIT: I’m pretty sure all games are winnable with solid play.

Good Game Success

Good Game screenshot

A tactics/strategy game focused on using consumables

gimmicks: number of enemies for each floor is constant, ascii character health representation, potions with a random chance of two effects

after the 7 days I realized I had a bug so I included a post-challenge updated version, no gameplay changes

you can download the latest version or download the 7drl version (both include a windows .exe and python source)

arrow keys: move/attack, numbers:use potion, Esc:exit

read the manual for detailed information, most of it should be apparent from play

Akamar – Success

Akamar has been completed.

UPDATE: Akamar has been improved outside the 7 days of the challenge
Download original 7DRL version:

Get as far as you can without dying. Killing an enemy will cause you to transform into that monster type without any damage or status effects. Defeat all the enemies in the level to proceed. Walls appear every 50 turns.

movement = left click, numpad, arrow keys, or hjklyubn (change in controls.txt)
use ability = right click, space, or z
drink potion = middle click, alt, or x
detailed monster info = mouseover ?, ?

restart = r
exit = escape

Figure out the best order to fight the enemies each time you enter a level.
Most enemies have a range of 3 tiles (for sight and also for abilities), you have an effect range of 4.
Enemies will immediately forget about you if you leave their sight.

Akamar – Day 4

I haven’t posted here before now but I have been working on Akamar for the last 4 days. Akamar is a single screen game where the object is to defeat all enemies on the map. Defeating a monster will transform you into whatever you killed.

Windows download:


mouse, numpad, or vi keys : movement
z : use ability
x : drink potion
mouseover a character to learn its properties

r : restart
esc : exit
+ or – : increase or decrease map size
mouseover a character to learn its properties

All of the content I intended to include (ie monsters and potions) is in the game at this point. I still need to work on fixing bugs, balancing, making it look better, probably some map generation, and general polish.