Late start, early finish!

Hi all! This year i’m quite busy so i’ll enter with a quick & dirty entry.

Download here [source, makefile and macos build]


Write a list of action [like ‘ddssw’] to plan your moves to reach the exit.

Hit enter when you’re happy and watch the result.

Supported action:

  • w go nort
  • s go south
  • a go west
  • d go east
  • q quit

Map legend:

  • . floor
  • # wall
  • > exit to next level
  • M monster

Bump into a monster to kill them and lose 1 HP.

Happy crawling …. DOCTORS!

refactor(); continue;

I’m refactoring the code of my entry and i’ll add more feature soon.

I like the result and the new stealth dynamics. Hoping i’m not the only one, this game must get some feature. It doesn’t have item, ranged combat, spell [sort of] and i think the balancing is ridiculous.

I’ll also make some sort of site/blog to keep track of the work and post new version. Will post the link here. In the meantime, if you’d like to contact me write @samelinux on twitter or samelinux [at] gmail [dot] com .


First build for the public 8)

Here you can find the first public build of NinjaRL form mac and linux.

I’ve tried something new: a stealth roguelike

In NinjaRL there are only two type of item: the lost scroll wich you must bring home and torches which cast light in the caves. You can turn off torches simply by bouncing into them.

Enemies see you only in light and you make more damage if you attack when hidden. Also there’s a stealth kill combo multiplier that increase the amount of damage you make.

All monster are taken directly from Japanese mythology, but feel free to contact me if i made some errors. I admit it, it’s wikipedia knowledge adapted to the game.