Free-Like – Day 6

No screenshots today, I decided to just post a progress update. Today I decided to focus on making multiple levels that connect to each other by ladders. Got that done within a few hours, and soon got items and enemies spawning at different levels and not interfering with each other on different floors! Excellent. Right now, all of the levels and items load at the beginning of the game, creating about a 5 second wait, but then it’s load-free from then on!

I tried to do equipping today, my original idea has failed me, but I still have a day to fix it up! However, the Bestiary for this game currently has: 18 Enemies, 7 Potion Types, 29 Armor Types, and plenty more to come tomorrow!

I guess now I have to do a ton of balancing. I only have enough content for 7 of the 15 planned levels so far, so something to work on. Will probably end up recycling sprites for the second half, we will see. I still have to add in the other equipment types, there are 6 and I only have one set done so far.

After I take care of equipping fixes and a larger Bestiary, I have some hopefuls that will comes if I have time:

-Skills / Spells (Otherwise, my MP and casting helper items are useless…)
-Saving / Loading (Not a big priority as people can save state on the emulators / sleep mode on the DS, so I’m not too worried at this point.)
-Restarting the Game on Loss (Again, not a huge priority, but would be annoying for DS players, as they have to hard reset the DS. This will require me to make sure I reset almost all variables though…Doesn’t sound very fun for the programmer!)
-Status Effects (Would be nice to have a few in there such as poisoning, teleporting, paralyzed, sleeping, confused, and maybe some secret ones.)
-FOV (I did not try to implement this early on, this is a very low priority now and nearly impossible without major redoing of code.)

I also never mentioned the idea for skills I had. I used to play Golden Sun, and I remember from the story that normal people couldn’t see “Psynergy” the adepts could cast. They would just see physical objects change due to the effects of Psynergy. I want a similar idea here. The skills are invisible until you either have learned them or recognize their visible effects. Whether you get hit with it enough times, or you find a learning scroll, you will be able to sense and see that skill type once one of those conditions occur. Would make for some interesting skill duels.

Well, I have about 9 good hours to finish up tomorrow, but I definitely will have a finished product, I don’t plan to be left behind! Wish me luck, and hopefully Free-Like proves to be interesting. Good luck to everyone else to make their deadlines!

Day 5: Free-Like

Free-Like continues, and I am glad to see that it is getting done! With two more days, I think I can pace myself appropriately. I have included some relevant screenshots of today’s work below:

A New Enemy called the Blood Hound! Also in the background there, a Guardian Hound!
As if consuming potions was not enough fun... Will fix.
Ahhh! No Perma-death yet! Will add also!
Level Up! Along with some armor on the ground! Snazzy.
They're in my inventory now. Selection box shows which item we're looking at, and the Equip option is readily available.

So as you can see, I worked on some pretty important stuff to give me a boost up in the amount of content there is! There are also 7 different potion types now! (With the attributes randomly distributed when each new game begins of course.) Tomorrow’s focus is on skills and effects, along with the equipping system. In the final hours of Friday, I am planning to spend it on making multiple worlds, the end-game goal, and hopefully the saving system! Yikes, saving system will take some work, not sure if I’m prepared for that, but it seems pretty simple, and since I understand structures now, may now be two times easier. (But can I define structures inside structures….Hmmm…) Only 2 more work days left for Free-Like! Good luck to everyone else, hope you like how mine’s coming along also!

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Day 2: Free-Like

End of Day 2 of Free-Like. Unfortunately, I had no chance to work on it today due to other important business. Well, that’s a lie, I managed to get 2 hours of work into it today and made this:

Combat system, hooray! Health regenerates over time for enemies and player, enemies chase you when attacked or startled. (You get close to them OR are close to their level or easy to defeat) Made it so you can hold down the pad keys to move around instead of just hitting the pad over and over and over and over…You get how painful that can be.

I will get inventory and some selection/action menus done tomorrow(hopefully), will be fun! I guess 7DRL really is about adapting your time to your game, not your game to your time. Haha, already feeling the stress boiling inside of me, but I can do it, no turning back now!

Here’s the source, as promised upon each update:

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Tomorrow begins school, so I am expected to not be working on this until late afternoon until each night.

Countdown says 30.5% of our Rogue-Likes should be done by now. Eek! I get scared every time that number jumps up by 0.1% Maybe I shouldn’t run my countdown anymore, just eats at me even more ahhh!

Free-Like Continues!

After another 7 hours of work on Free-Like (Totaling 16 work hours so far) I now have some more to show for it!

I am glad I finally switched back to ASCII. Not only that, but the DS will accept custom-made 8×8 pixel fonts to be used on its console. So, I have taken advantage of that!

Also, dungeon generator is finished along with the beginnings of the enemy engine! Little fireheads run around randomly wherever there are not walls or objects and are happy to be alive thanks to me. I just spawned 100 of them randomly throughout the map!

Playing around with the fonts.
Came up with a nice wall color scheme.
Say Hello to the Fireheads, one of the enemies to be used for this game!

I will see if I can get a very generic combat system in tonight and if so, will start working on inventory!

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Dungeon generation uses my own algorithm. First I choose points in the room to create sub-rooms. Then I have arguments for max and minimum sizes for these rooms, which are then boxed in. Next I do a pathing algorithm to explore and chop out the walls to get from one room to another. Each room connects to at least one other room. I am going to be posting source code just in case people want to take a look at it. Maybe it will help others, maybe they can suggest things to me. Also good to have backups of working copies!  Be warned, I code hectically and thus my work may not make sense to most. 😛

My 7DRL elapsed time counter says that 13% of our time is up! Anyone feel they’re 13% complete yet? I think I’m maybe 10%…

Program Troubles, But Progress!

Alright, so I was excited to get to work on this game and be well on my way to having a random dungeon generator within a few hours. But no…

Screenshot of results so far after 7 hours:

The first hour I was dreading over how to get a decent system that worked. I tried to use strings to create a dungeon with a large array, but it ended up failing. I realize an hour in that I need to use numbers! So I went with a large array with numbers to fill up the dungeon we would generate. Excellent! Added a virtual X and Y positioning system with the Gamepad within the second hour and called a break. (1 hour nap!) Stream Link:

I then woke up at 3AM and started work for another 2.5 hours. This was a really unproductive time. I tried to get a movement system going with the X and Y positions, but gave up soon after. I tried out the sprite system and got to a point where I created sprites, but it would glitch as the VRAM got consumed. I assume that the PALib sprite functions have memory leaks in them? Or maybe I’m just not using them right…Anyway, I went back to sleep after this session. Stream Link:

3 Hour Session  started at 10AM when I woke up. I tried to fix up the sprite system…After about 2 hours of tinkering with it, I said screw it, going with ASCII! So I dumped everything that I did with the sprites and went back to the engine I backed up with just the movement system. I successfully created the dungeon tile movement after a few tries and at the very end I also added in the tile checking functions in order to see what’s next to me and such. Stream Link:

So far so good, I’m not exactly on schedule, but I have learned quite a bit so far. The coming few hours should be much more successful, had a weak start, but I can do it! I can’t believe it’s already 14 hours into 7DRL!

You can stay updated with me when I run my live stream at For Windows Users, I updated the countdown to include a percentage, to give you an idea of how much of the roguelike is supposed to be done as time goes on.

Almost Time…

I am merely 45 minutes away from hitting midnight of March 5th in my time zone and beginning work on my 7DRL! I have finally given it a name, “Free-Like“. Maybe not the best name, but I think it will work.

I have come to two realizations of flaws that will be in my game when I do create this. Because I am developing using devkitpro and am writing this natively for the Nintendo DS, I have no choice but to accept these limitations and move beyond.

First: Saving will be an issue. Now I realize that with a Nintendo DS homebrew cartridge, this issue is immediately eliminated because it can use the native FAT file system to save and load files. However, the game has no access to files found on the actual hard drive of the computer it is being emulated on. However, there is a way to play the game and continue later, save states. All Nintendo DS emulators support it, and since I assume this is how most will end up playing my rogue-like if they so choose to, the save state feature will work just fine for virtual saving. Character dumping would have to be written on paper though for posting as again, there’s no way to write the file.

Second: Sprites. When using PALib, I will run into the issue of 128 sprites being the maximum number of sprites on-screen at once. This means I have to change my random generation map process just a little. The tiles that will be most dominant on-screen will be just background tiles and then the actual items and enemies that move dynamically on-screen will move. I will be going with 16×16 sprites. (Yes, I decided to use graphics that are public domain. May try 24×24 if I find that the sprites are too small, which I have that feeling going through me now.) Anyways, this limitation for PALib can again be overcome with some clever coding, however if I go up to a 32×32 sprite size, which is extremely large on the DS, I can actually avoid this limitation completely. This is because there would be 8×6 playing field of tiles (DS has a resolution of 256×192) which means I can have 48 field tiles + up to 48 occupied tiles, and still have enough sprite space for every interface option too. Although I may make the interface a background also. So many possibilities for which way to go with the sprites! Actually, the 32×32 is sounding tempting.

Anyways, best of luck to me, I will be starting very soon. I will do a livestream, as I promised to do which will be hosted at when I go live. May start it a few minutes before it actually hits midnight, just as a countdown. Much to get done, and it will definitely be a challenge!

Also…A little goodie for Windows Users: