PokemonRL – Completed

Managed to finish a playable version for the challenge, check it out here!

How to play

Your goal is to become a Pokemon master by defeating the gym leaders of the 8 cities in your region.

Look for the Professor’s lab in your home town to pick your starter pokemon (using ,). Then find the exit to route 1 from your hometown.

When you find wild pokemon, use “r” to release your selected pokemon in a given direction. He will automatically fight nearby enemies with his default skill

If you want to use a different skill, press the key as indicated on the right bar

To call back your pokemon, use “P”

To use pokeballs or potions, go to the “I”nventory and select a direction

Keyboard Commands

Arrow keys Move around.
I Show Inventory.
, Pick up items and pokeballs.
1 to 6 Select pokemon slot.
R Release selected pokemon.
P Pull back selected pokemon.
Z,X,C,V Use pokemon skills.

Rise of Kramora, Success!

Yay! I managed to finish! many thanks to Giovanny Ramirez (artist for the project) for his outstanding work and commitment to the challenge deadline…


The results are much better than I thought they would be! I aimed for a simple game derived from the design of my roguelike in a tweet. What I ended up doing keeps the same spirit, but I added quite a bit of animations and simple 2D effects, as well as great artwork. In order to do so, I had to create a simple library for sprite management, animation and tweens for Android Wear. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Download now from Play Store! It’s a Watchface so you have to install it in your phone, then it’ll sync automatically to your watch and you can select it on the watchface selector.

You can check a video of it working ->here<-

Check more info at my blog

Stygian Abyss – SUCCESS!

Stygian Abyss is a procedurally generated first person action dungeon crawler; survive the legendary Stygian Abyss to find the Codex of Ultimate wisdom, a new adventure awaits you every time!


  • A level generator inspired in Ultima Underworld
  • Explore the environment in a first person view.
  • 8 classes with different starting equipment and skills
  • 11 spells
  • 28 different monsters
  • Melee and ranged weapons

Play online, more info and short postmortem!

7drl4 7drl3 7drl2 7drl1

7DRL – The Tablet of Ananias – Gameplay Vid

This year my goal was to make a game that could be easily played on mobile devices.

You can play the game online here http://slashland.co/ananias or download from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.slashland.ananias

There’s also a video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaptTq2hDvc

Tap doors, items, monsters and stairs to interact with them.
Tap items while standing on them, to pick them up.
Use or Drop items by clicking the action icons and then selecting the item

Types of Items:

  • Weapons: Use them to slice your enemies in half. Each weapon has a number of uses which can be recharged using Enchantments. Bows can attack any enemy in the room.
  • Armor: Prevents you from being sliced in half. Gets destroyed
  • Potion: Recover health
  • Enchantments: Are used to recover the uses of a type of weapon.

Leveling up:
When you get to a new level you’ll randomly be granted a bonus

  • HP
  • Strength
  • Carry Capacity
  • Unluckyness – No bonus

Any comments are more than welcome!