Rodney 7DRL Success!!


Play online:


Hopefully a fun simple classic-themed roguelike . Move with arrow keys, numpad, QWEASDZXC or vi keys.

Melee only, learn new skills and use them just by moving around (no menus nor anything, only action!) Charge and assault your enemies, slash through them bring havoc into the dungeons of doom!

Use “Space” to pick up things, access the inventory and descend downstairs.

Chat with your friends, and bump them in the entrance.

More info to come soon, gotta go back to real life for a while.

Best of luck to all challengers!

Rodney – Days 4 and 5

Day 4:

* Setup google code repo
* Added a first version of a mutliplayer town level using websockets.
* Added Slash and Backslash skills.
Day 5:

* Save game session in database
* Add Finesse, Counterattack, Rage, Assault, Build up, Bash, Backflip, Wall jump and Sweep skills
* Added some colors
Things start looking grim. Fortunately I managed to half-comply with the release for a client today so it looks like I’ll be able to invest a bit more on this.
As always, you can check the current version at
I like how it’s shaping up 🙂
day5-1 day5-2

Hope – Finished


EDIT: Download the Media Pack 1 – Just extract over the game directory (Adds some music tracks and makes some tiles prettier)

Dreams… of heroes and monsters in faraway lands… jungles, caverns… aliens, turtles… they haunt your mind every night, a new adventure every time you close your eyes.

You wake up in a cave. You see a metal door with a rusty keyboard plugged in. As you approach the door, a robotic voice asks you to enter your password.

Who are you and why are you here? and most importantly…. what is the password? as you step outside the cavern you find yourself in a deserted wasteland. You ride your bike over the ruined roads, trying to survive and find an answer.