Days 4&5

Didn’t have much time to work on the game yesterday, but today there was nice progress as I added more tiles and drafted several new levels with them, also including a new maze generator. In addition, keys for locked doors are now placed much more intelligently and mobs have a simple walk cycle animations.

I still want to add a few more levels and enemies as well as polish the existing ones. I plan to make the character progression be simple, as in buying perks in special places in the dungeon.

Day 3

Worked on some Internet Explorer compatibility fixes today. Much more interesting and important though, I also started adding more levels. The plan is to generate maybe around 10 levels, which should all vary on size, graphical theme and/or level layout. The player will start on a forest clearing pictured below and from there the journey leads down. 🙂

Starting area.
Starting area.

Day 2

Managed to hack around rot.js library to give me interpolated camera and character movement (i.e. animations between tiles). This has greatly enhanced the feel of the game as well as makes it much more clear what’s going on (who’s attacking etc…). Also implemented turn scheduling based on actors’ speed, which is cool as you can now run away from slimes, but not bats. Next up is beating some sense into the dungeon generator.

Day 1

I started my 7drl in the morning and thanks to reusing much code from my last year’s Beware the Space Bears, I have quite a lot of ground work already done. Switching from Unicode characters to graphical tiles was actually rather simple thanks to rot.js.

Start Screen
Start screen where you can select your gender. More stuff probably coming there.
Game view with items and mobs.

I don’t really know yet what the idea of the game is, but hopefully I get some ideas soon. Originally I thought that this time I wouldn’t pay attention to mobile compatibility, but since it’s not that hard and rather cool, I’m going to maintain it anyway.

Beware the Space Bears – Success

You are a lone astronaut on a hostile red planet. Your base shelters you and its devices supply everything you need for survival if you bring them materials to work with.

Oh and Beware the Space Bears!

I’ve been too busy/lazy to cross-post the dev blogs here, but if you are interested, you can read them here:

Everything didn’t quite work out to what I had in mind when I started, but my 7DRLs rarely turn out like initial ideas. Like always, there was too little time to balance and play test it thoroughly, let alone implement all the cool features I would have liked or came up with later in the development.

However, it’s still a nice game I’m pretty proud of. For example, it has the most complex item interactions among all my 5 and ½ 7DRLs. The code ended up the messiest though :D.

Play it here: (It’s rather mobile friendly btw. – no keyboard required!)


Space rats are no match for a plasma rifle.
Space rats are no match for a plasma rifle.

Golem Quest is a success!

Fire Golem approves.
Fire Golem approves.

This morning’s time went into fixing some bugs the good folks at #rgrd IRC channel found as well as general polish and tweaking. Enemies now have different stats and are slightly smarter, as they can navigate around other monsters blocking their path. Watch out for the horn head guy! I also squeezed in a fourth enemy: cerberus.

I hope there would have been more time to work on the environment, but oh well. Unsurprisingly, there was also little time for balancing in the end, but I added three difficulty levels hoping one of them is good. 🙂

Play the game at (Chrome/Firefox).

Try Golem Quest Beta

The game now has an ending and is mostly gameplay / feature complete. I have a couple of hours left tomorrow morning, which will be spent on testing, polishing and balancing and perhaps adding a little more environment / enemy assets if there’s time. However, there doesn’t seem to be anything critical on my todo, so looks good in that regard.

Two new enemy models.
Two new enemy models.

Feel free to try it at its current state at and I’d appreciate if you could report any issues or comments.

Golem Quest Day 6

Only a little more than a day to go. The greatest of today’s achievements is pictured below: a title screen / main menu.

Glorious main menu.
Glorious main menu.

Now that there is a menu where some choices can be made (namely controller and 1 or 2 players), I’ve reintroduced gamepad support and local co-op. I got them somewhat working already at the very beginning, but they were disabled for several days and required some fixing.

The picture also illustrates the background story and goal of the game. It’s rather trivial, but I need to keep the scope narrow if I want to complete this in time.

Still on TODO:

  • Implement win condition
  • More enemy types
  • Make golems differ more
  • Enemies should drop loot
  • More interesting and variable environment
  • Tune visuals
  • Balancing

Finding and processing 3d assets has been the nastiest part in making this game – and I still have some of it ahead of me. I miss ASCII.

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I think I’m going to call it Golem Quest

I didn’t write a 7DRL update yesterday, because not much changed on the surface, so the screenshot would have been basically the same as before. But anyway, here’s the outline of things I’ve achieved in the past two days:

  • Gameplay changed to turn-based
  • Improved AI
  • In-world hit messages
  • Game over / death screen
  • Some sidebar functionality
  • 3d model for enemies and player
  • Visuals tweaking
  • Basic item collecting system, currently only health potions
  • Basic combat system with some stats affecting it
Player’s stone golem model kind of blends into the background here, needs tweaking…
Player’s stone golem model kind of blends into the background here, needs tweaking…

I’ve decided I won’t be bothering with animated mobs, static models shall suffice. I’m currently thinking the player can choose between ~3 golems with a bit different stats and then embark on a quest to vanquish an undead horde while collecting magical gems to enhance stats. Or something. It’s kind of worrying that my overall game design is still wide open and I only got about 2,5 days left. Luckily a game starts to emerge nevertheless.

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Monsters in sight

Monday’s progress summarized:

  • Added killable enemies (very basic implementation)
  • Plugged in a pathfinding library and made the enemies hunt the player
  • Smooth camera and actor movement between grid cells
  • Started drafting UI
  • World generation tweaks
  • Display renderer debug information
How it looks currently. Orange cube is an enemy. UI is a mock-up without any connected functionality.

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