WIzards’ Duel

Starting now my 7DRL: Wizards’ Duel.

In the game you are one of two rival wizards. You have to fight and make pacts with different spirits to unlock new combination of spells to finally challange and defeat you rival.

For example: once you make a pact with the spirit of fire you can use it as an element of your spells and combine it with other spirits to discover additional effects.

Good luck to everyone, see you in 168 hours!

Infection – Success

Finished, whew!

You can download the game here: http://www.tndwolf.org/infection/infection.html

I am pretty happy with the result of my efforts, even if not as great as some of the other works from you guys! I have seen some really amazing screens popping up here.

Here are some highlights of what I managed in little more than 30 hours:

  • Tile-based dungeon generation (every level has a different look-and-feel and the structure is different)
  • Trait based advancements based on phagocyting enemies and use their parts to buy skills
  • Different gameplay elements, albeit very simple in their execution (auras, ranged attacks, summoning, different moving patterns for enemies)

Here are some screenshots:

Exploring the first levels
Exploring the first levels
Exploring the mazes of the abdomen
Exploring the mazes of the abdomen
Inventory and traits
Inventory and traits


New entry: Infection

Greetings everyone,
9.30 GMT+1 here and I am starting my 7DRL: Infection.

The game will be about a pathogen trying to infect a living organism and fighting its immune system, antibiotic shots and… experimental medical nanomachines.
No revolutionary concepts, just a dungeon crawl where you “phagocyte” your enemies to gain new skills.

I will probably have only today and next Saturday to work so, off I go.

Good luck to everyone.