Does 2+5DRL still count as 7DRL?

My 7DRL 2013 appearance was being frequently disturbed by my other arrangements and ended up badly. This year I planned my 7DRL break better – or so I hoped – until I was summoned to court, taking place 5 hours by car from where I live, in the morning, in the middle of 7DRL 2014 week. I will need to get up very early, spend much time driving, cope with the court performance, and end up knocked-out by exhaustion. I will for sure lose one day of 7DRL challenge time.

So I thought: if I spent 2 days on the challenge, then take a break for 1 day, and then continue for 5 more days, would it be considered much of a cheating? Or should I stop trying to be clever, accept one lost day, and try to catch up it in the remaining six? What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Possessor – day “three”

Today, I was working on map generation and then on logging and error reporting. The map generation did not work at all (crashes randomly), hence the need for logging and error reporting. All that is resolved now, but my maps are way less amazing that I envisioned them before. I finally had to admit, that my map generator is of no use, and I have to come with a new one.

There is missing day “two” report, as there was literally nothing to report. My other arrangements took me way too much time and energy and I did return home totally exhausted.

So, all and all, the project does not look very good right now.

Possessor – day “one”

In my day “one” I did the following:

  • a long, but victorious battle with the toolchain and build process
  • an extended family dinner thing (mandatory)
  • I cleaned up storage space under my flat, as there are apparently workers scheduled to do insulation contract tomorrow. The notice that should inform me about that a week ago, got lost somewhere…
  • and finally I managed to open SDL screen and output some colorful text characters on it

Not very promising progress, but hopefully there will be less distraction in my remaining challenge days, so that they would be more productive.

Possessor – starting now

The idea of my Possessor game is that you play a ethereal daemon trying to consume souls of anything that have one. The pace of the game should be provided by your ever-growing hunger. Once you clear your current surroundings of everything living, you would have to relocate. Otherwise your power will fade and you will be eventually defeated by any peasant carrying a bottle of holy water.

To make your hideous quest for more tasty souls easier, you would employ your supernatural powers. Among them, the most distinct one would be the ability to possess a victim and use his body as your “carrier”.

I decided to do this challenge from scratch, in plain C, using only libSDL. Therefore it should be possible to compile the code for Windows, Linux and Mac. I plan to provide Windows binaries and the source code.

It is my first time with this challenge, although I did notice it several years ago and always liked the idea. Initially, I thought that I would be documenting my progress on daily basis here, on ’tis here blog. But this blog engine is quite lagging right now. Should that persist, I may not have the required patience…

Enough said, I’m starting right now, 2013-03-09 19:50 CET (+0100).