HumFall – finish is coming!

Hello everyone. My small, simple and easy crawler is nearing completion.

Place of action is a maze in post-apocalyptic setting. The walls are bure, equipment damaged, character unnamed. Buring and boring.

Some screenshots:

7drl1 7drl2 7drl3


1st photo -> partly explored dungeon

2nd photo -> fully explored dungeon

3rd photo -> showing single use items (flashbang, health pack, rusty revolver, broken machete, corpse, old granade, player)

What should I do? Improve AI, create ‘ordinary’ objects, implement system of supernatural abilities (not magic)…

…Probably I will not make although half of the planned things.

Good luck!


Hey! I would like to say hi to the other participants 7DRL. This is first time when I’m participe in challange of this kind. My roguelike will be simple crawler with simple mechanics (without critical hits or so). I do not have very difficult task…

Blog about writting HumFall: