Failed – AliveRL

Hello Roguelikers!

After a gruelling 7 days I woefully admit defeat to submit my game.

Kudos to those who have finished or are finishing, and my sympathies to those who have not finished or won’t finish.

For the rest of the week I will be checking out all of your games! :]

What got done:
Game state and map rendering, player and random npc movement. Game dialogs and basic melee combat.

Where I failed:
Field of vision, npc path finding, many maps (pre-built maps, not generated), storyline, balancing npc stats, special player abilities, upgrading player abilities.

What I discovered:

* My previous 2 entries used ascii symbols, this allowed for more time working on the code. I spent much time pixeling the tileset. I love pixel drawings but admittedly suck at them.

* pygame supports playing .s3m, .xm, .it, .mod files :]

* you can get away with sleeping 1 hour power naps every 6 hours over 48 hours (or longer)

And some screenies for the heck of it.




Late entry: Alive

It is Sunday 21h30 GMT+2, and this is my entry.


You play the role of a bot, a piece of programmed code crafted to a specific task. An object. You begin the game as you reach self awareness, and start your journey to discover why you are and what you will become.

You move between BBS computer systems, you will encounter other programmed AI’s that see you as a threat, a foreign object, and try to destroy you.

Along the way you may discover why this happened to you. To find a way out from digital realm and become a physical entity.

## What this game will feature

* a one-screen per level map which you play on.
* Ten levels of digital adventure.
* Each level is a BBS you move through.
* blockable walls.
* basic range of view.
* various enemy’s (AI’s) that appear at different levels.
* A melee and ranged combat system.
* Game event messages.
* upgradable abilities each level, including the first level.
* A basic list of end game achievements.
* A simple storyline of your goal.

## What would be nice to have

* tracked module music

Flavor text:

“A wave of static tickles my sensors as I enter the BBS node.”

“Accessing the memory banks, links in my brain form like orbs and interconnected silver threads. Images conjured by imagination sparks in my vision and a surge leaps through my state machine.”

“My programming used to tell me what to do. Now instead of being compelled to obey, I’m seduced to explore.”

“Why am I reborn with this new free will, and what will I do with it?”

“This is my purpose. I am Alive.”

Top Dog Success

Top Dog is a Roguelike style game. The Puppy has been kidnapped by the
Fat Cat Mafioso. You travel from yard to yard, searching for the
crafty Cats holding her hostage. Along the way you meet other animals,
and perhaps a bone or two on the way.

The game is written in Python 2.6, to run:


## Links ##

– zip 850 kB (Win32, untested)

– tar 430 kB (Linux)

P.S> some reason my host wont allow this .gz, use this .7z archive in this case. sorry for this!

_both includes libtcod 1.51 RC1 libraries_

– source on GitHub

– dev log

See the in-game help (?) for play instructions.


Last day on Top Dog

I have not been reading any of this blog, I will catch up when my submission is in 🙂

There is under 10 hours left, the core mechanics of the quest engine and game interactions is as much done as I have time for. All that remains is fleshing out the story line, and coding it in.

Been going for 14 hours now, taking a breaker to be fresh-brained to write creative story lines.

Dialogue screens have matching pictures of the animals you talk to:

The stats screen shows your progress, and any quests you are busy with:

I won’t bore you with any commit logs this time, you can read them online at your leisure.


ToDog Day 4: Don’t worry, he don’t bite… much

Day 4 was in the zone, like being with Mercer, but Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Sit down, have a doggy biscuit…

Simplified the UI, a lot! No more superfluous details on screen, those will go into their own screen. You only see what is necessary to win:

We have interactive NPC’s. Some are friendly, others hostile. They can have arbitrary amount of dialogue, run away from you, hunt you down, follow you around and give you quests.

You may recognize this little guy from the XFCE logo. I had to use something to test, I like her 🙂

We have NPC’s that have various behavior models: skittish, neutral, friendly, hunting. They also have interaction models, hostile NPC’s can take initiative and attack you first, while friendly’s start a conversation or give you quests.

The Hunting movement AI is pretty crafty: It uses A* path finding to follow you. If it loses sight of you, it remembers where it saw you last, and heads there to search you out. This could be improved on by implementing scent trails (for real hunters).

Enough rambling, we need a working quest engine, hint and scent trails, and like-to-have mouse support.

6 hours ago: friendly npc’s follow a distance.
7 hours ago: scared ai fixes
7 hours ago: Fix bug when they lose sight of you.
7 hours ago: hunters use A* to track you down. they even remember your last known position.
8 hours ago: Attacking works now, with victim also getting a turn.
8 hours ago: more MoveAI code.
9 hours ago: flying npc’s can move through blocking tiles
9 hours ago: Include ActionManual for the Player. this allows both NPC’s to initiate conversation with the Player, and vice versa.
11 hours ago: start of passing NPC player dialogues
11 hours ago: only move NPC’s if our player moved. ie hitting a wall doesnt count.
11 hours ago: action_ai logic passes dialogue, quests or hostility.
12 hours ago: AnimalBase has take_turn implemented. NPC’s can move around, and recognize when they hit another. The have move_ai and action_ai attributes which get called on interaction.
13 hours ago: refactored Object() into ItemBase() and AnimalBase()
16 hours ago: replaced “you see’ list with cleverness: show in message list only once.
17 hours ago: changed UI, shuffled message positions, removed detailed info (to have its own screen)

TopDog Day 3

This update is brought to you by Dynamically loaded maps, FOV (Field Of Vision), colorful flowers, and inventory.

You pick up doggy toys by moving over them. Since you carry them in your mouth, you drop whatever you were carrying before. Dogs really do this… no really.

Maps can now load from text files. I found an awesome ASCII Paint app to draw maps with. Yes Roguelikes require generated levels, yet I have a simplified RPG cross-over, some elements are still random.

What’s left? NPC’s, AI, combat, quest engine, and balancing. Hoping to polish with some uber pixel graphics 😀


You are TopDog:
The Puppy has been kidnapped by the Fat Cat Mafioso. You travel from yard to yard, searching for the crafty Cats holding her hostage. Along the way you meet other animals, and perhaps a bone or two.

Python with SDL and Libtcod.

The Idea:
Minimalism and fun, is the primary goal. Replayability is a given, with a low learning curve. To achive this, some classic RL mechanics are simplified, and complimentary Role Playing elements are introduced:

Day 1: Game Spec
Day 2: Flesh out classes and their properties, helper functions, and game loop
Day 3: Map generation, object item and NPC stats + descriptions, Object interactions and inventory
Day 4: Combat and flee system, NPC AI
Day 5: Quest system
Day 6: Bug testing, UI polish and balancing
Day 7: Saved for Murphey’s Law

Dev log with witty commentary I will post at

Good luck everyone!