After-Chalenge Version: HyperRogue III




Necromancers of Graveyard


Demons of Hell


Cultists of Cthulhu

An after-challenge version of HyperRogue II, named HyperRogue III, has been released!

The most visible change is the addition of graphics. This will hopefully make it more playable for people who are not hardcore roguelike fans. Of course, the ASCII display from the previous versions is still available (press “v” for configuration, then “w” and “m”), it also seems to run more smoothly on some of the older machines.

The floor graphics are slightly based on the works of M. C. Escher, one of the few artists who did use hyperbolic geometry in the past. You need to press ‘v’ to activate the new floors, as they are more confusing and slower to draw.

Also, four new lands have been added (the Land of Eternal Motion, Graveyard, R’Lyeh, and Hell).

Another big thing is that you now have a quest, instead of just aiming for high scores. You are no longer able to immediately enter all the lands, some of them will appear only if you have met certain requirements (most of them related to score). Ultimately, you will be able to reach Hell, and find the Orb of Yendor. Of course you can still aim for high scores, too.

This makes the challenges in Hell (which I find quite interesting) a reward for the most careful players, while HyperRogue II allowed everyone to see everything. It has good and bad points, but I think it is worth it to motivate the players.

And some balance improvements. Overall, I think this is enough changes to change the name again, to HyperRogue III (Hyperbolic Rogue was the preliminary concept work, and HyperRogue II was the 7DRL challenge version).

Have fun, and good luck in your quest for the Orb of Yendor!

HyperRogue bugfix

Sorry for those who have found crashes when playing with mouse and mirrors, or Ivy plants not challenging enough. Version 2.1, still in time for the 7DRLC, has the following minor bugfixes and additions:

  • The game should no longer crash when moving in certain directions while having mirror images.
  • Living Caves now include Seeps and are thus now more challenging.
  • You can no longer deactivate an ivy plant by cutting out an active branch next to the root.
  • Shield protection from a sandworm is now less weird.
  • Slime colors are now named correctly.
  • Some sanity checks added just in case.

Thanks to Eelfroth for reporting the crash bug, and the slime color bug. Download from the HyperRogue website. Have fun!

Finished early: HyperRogue II

HyperRogue II is complete as a 7DRLC Challenge 2012 entry!

The original Hyperbolic Rogue was an out of challenge 7DRL (in fact a 6DRL, even less). Just a @ moving on the map. For the 7DRLC I have added more polish, and more features, while keeping most of the spirit.

You are still a lone adventurer trapped in a strange world. You still hunt for treasures, while being hunted by monsters yourself. You still have to hit the monsters before they hit you.

However, the world is much richer now. There are seven types of lands for you to travel, each with specific monsters, treasures, and terrain features. You can also find some magical orbs, which give you temporary magical powers.

The game also became more user friendly. You get tooltips and help, and a configuration screen, instead of having to press strange keys.

I still have four days until the 7DRL challenge ends, but I am running out of good ideas. I originally planned to introduce some Economy but I don’t see how it could be done without making HyperRogue a worse game. I have tested the game and I think everything works very well, but in case if someone finds some nasty bug, or suggests a new awesome feature, I can still do it on Friday. 🙂

Download from the website, and have fun!

Hyperbolic Rogue II

Quoting the RogueTemple thread:
My plan for this 7DRL is to create a more complete game based on [url=]Hyperbolic Rogue[/url]. The current version has been featured in several media, to my great surprise, as this was just an experiment, more a concept than a real game. Since the concept of using hyperbolic geometry makes an extremely minimalistic game so popular, I expect that merging it with a more complete game could bear great results.

I plan to keep the general (a bit minimalistic and DROD-like) style of gameplay, though. I feel that the usual mechanics of stats, hitpoints, heal-by-rest, accuracy and dodging, armor, and so on are overused, boring, and don’t bring much to the game. Hydra Slayer’s mechanics are more interesting and would fit the hyperbolic world, but I don’t want to repeat it either. Especially 7DRLs should try to replace this with a more interesting, tactical gameplay.

The new version is planned to allow players to explore several types of lands, each of them including specific monsters, terrain features, mechanics, items, and treasures. One of these lands will be the icy one from the current version (although with new items and boundaries with other terrains), so Hyperbolic Rogue will be a kind of a subset of Hyperbolic Rogue II. I am afraid that this might be considered cheating by someone, but I don’t think this is a problem (the original Hyperbolic Rogue was an out-of-challenge 7DRL itself, and e.g. Jeff Lait also tends to reuse parts of his previous 7DRL entries, and also this is roughly equivalent to reusing “@ moving on screen”, with a difference that the geometry is very special).

My other plan (and a suggestion to all 7DRLers) was to see what is the theme of the [url=]Experimental Gameplay Project[/url] and try to make the game consistent with their theme. Since this project also aims at creating experimental games in 7 days, I think it is a very cool idea to make the game which fits both challenges. (Februrary’s theme was [b]Infinite World[/b], which fits Hyperbolic Rogue extremely well.) March’s theme turns out to be [b]Economy[/b]. I think this theme also fits roguelikes quite well, since resource management is so important. I’ll try to make the ‘economy’ in HyperRogue II interesting. I also recommend everyone to try to create a roguelike with some kind of interesting resource management, and swamp the Experimental Gameplay Project with roguelikes. 🙂