Inversion of Control source released!

I have finally gotten around to uploading the source.  The bad news is that I have never attempted to build it on any other platform but windows.

Currently it requires:

  • OpenGL
  • SDL
  • freetype2 lib

It comes with a Visual Studio 2005 solution and it should build without any other downloads.  Should work with 2005 express.

If anyone can build this let me know, especially if it is a linux build or something like it. -look at the download section

Cheers corremn

Devil Might Laugh bugfix update

I just got some time this weekend and decided on fixing some problems in the original release of DML. Those are fairly simple ones but improve gameplay a lot. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Download: DML-2.0 post-7DRL update

This is the complete list of changes since the 7DRL release:
-‘L’ook action:
—the cursor can now go out of the LOS
—you can stop looking by pressing ESC now
—you can use numpad to navigate, diagonal movement is available now
—enemies don’t freeze next to you diagonally anymore, they can attack you from
any direction
—corrected player damage type calculation bug – now the soul damaging weapons
will shine
—devils are now immune to lava
—added info about monsters and their damage types
—added info about weapons and their damage types
—added Manual
—corrected some of the spelling errors
( and probably added some other )
—pressing ENTER skips all the messages
—pressing ENTER doesn’t open help screen anymore
( dunno why it treated enter as ‘?’ )
—player character is now hightlighted by the cursor

More Reviews

Picking up where I left off last weekend (my list is randomized), I’ve put up 5 more reviews today on the ol’ blog. At this point I am already seeing @-signs behind my eyelids and I am only about 40% through all of the entries. Onward!!!

Today’s games are:

  • Stygia
  • Regicide!
  • Light
  • Monster Slayer Show (yessss)
  • Mad Mage

I tried to play a few other games but they were unavailable on my platform (windows XP).

Once again, the sheer quantity of work that has been done on this challenge is insane. (Possibly in a literal sense 🙂 )

Game on!

More 7DRL Reviews

I’ve played and reviewed 15 of this year’s 7DRLs. You can read what I have to say here:

Games reviewed:

  • Broken Bottle
  • Destiny of Heroes
  • Elite International Detective
  • God of Change
  • Inversion Of Control
  • Kusemono
  • Light
  • Magicko
  • Monster Slayer Show
  • Pitman Krumb
  • Rook
  • The Man in the Mirror
  • Twelve Hours
  • Vicious Orcsv
  • 7DRLCC

I would like to add my congratulations to everyone who completed a 7DRL this year, whether or not I’ve had chance to play it yet!

Rook Post-7DRL Release

I’ve been chipping away at Rook since the end of the 7DRL challenge, but I haven’t put together a package with the simple bugfix it needed.  Today you can get the bugfix version, which is still a legitimate 7DRL, or the first post-7DRL version.  Unless you’re judging this for the challenge, get the post-7DRL version.  It adds a few new features like restarting the game, dropping items, and getting to see what happens after you’re in checkmate, and tweaks the sot AI to make them stupid in a more interesting way.


The post-7DRL version (1.0.1):


The bugfix version:


GnomeSquad: Slight Fix (Oops)

So, as I was watching these lovely videos over on the temple of the roguelike, I realized I had shipped GnomeSquad with the “FINAL DEPTH” set to 1. Needless to say, this makes the game quite short!

So, I put out a fixed version that has the final depth set to 5 as intended (for now). Of course you can also set this number to whatever you want. Try 10! Without more balance testing 5 seemed about right to me, though.

This “final2” version also fixes the annoying ‘faith’ bridge level that you see in the video.

Thanks to temple of the roguelike and whomever made those videos though, they are great so far!

I’ve already used it to find a few bugs.

Also, note to self… after all the monsters are dead let the player walk around without worrying about action points. Hah!

New version can be found on my site here.

Inversion Of Control v05- Final bug fix version?

So here we go, after 5 bug fix releases and still no new content I present the latest Inversion of Control game.  I have kept in the spirit of the comp by not adding any new features just bug fixes and slight tweaks of the AI and level up mechanics.

Inversion Of Control – The game where you guide a misguided adventurer down a dark hole by controlling his cat or dog. Its a role reversal game where you do not play the main character, but don’t fear at times you can take direct control over his actions with Mind Swapping TM. And features some cool smell mechanics, watch this improve as you pet levels up.

Over the 4 bug fix releases there have been minor fixes to speech and AI, numerous crash bugs eliminated, stackable potions, fixed mind shifting on different levels and a better tile experience.

Thanks for playing and keep reporting bugs.


Some reported changes since version 01 Code:

  • BUG: Smelling is now turned off when changing to master mode.
  • BUG: You can now switch minds when master and pet are on different levels.
  • MOD: Ordering a panic should not crash the game.
  • BUG: Forgot to set avoiding monsters to actually avoid enemies. BUG: Fixed Master and Pet experience level issues
  • MOD: Potions now stack in inventory
  • BUG: Can now manually enter the masters name.
  • MOD: Modified some master/pet speech
  • ADD: Added smell tiles to tile version
  • BUG: Fixed positive damage from ranged weapons
  • BUG: Fixed starting position of player and master
  • BUG: Fixed game freeze on master death
  • BUG: Thrown items should not disappear
  • BUG: Fixed crash upon AI throwing invalid items.
  • + More


7DRL 2011 Review Challenge

I’ve taken up a challenge: review all 42 successful 7DRL entries! I spent most of Sunday playing and am very impressed so far.

I managed to do review 8 so far on my development blog, with more in the pipeline:

  • Lord Bistian Unnamed (BroQuest)
  • Destiny of Heroes
  • 7DRL Challenge Challenge
  • Rook
  • Benhem’s 2D/3D dungeon
  • Pitman
  • Vicious Orcs
  • Gridfolk

More to come during the week. I am basing my list off of temple of the roguelike’s list, so let me know if I should or shouldn’t be reviewing your game.

It must be said again… congratulations to all participants. The amount of work involved in all of these games (including the non-successes) is absolutely mind-boggling to me, every year.

Pitman – After-Challenge Update

I took the time to make some essential bugfixes and also updates to Pitman Krumb. Be aware that I tried to make it better, but didn’t have time to test the changes thoroughly – any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Version 1.1 can be played/downloaded here:

Standalone Win:
Standalone Mac:


– The game saves now after every round, and can be continued after quitting.
– Better balancing.
– Enemies have red rimlight.
– Mana regeneration (random).
– Bugfix: Ladder to next level sometimes did not appear.
– Bugfix: You can’t hurt friendly NPCs with the bow any more.
– You won’t get hungry so fast any more.
– Weapons and magic potions/scrolls/runes with low level also spawn on high dungeon levels.
– There is “winning” condition now.
– You can walk the path according your speed in all cases.
– Ladder to next level is better recognizable.

Download links for the seven-day-version are still intact, of course.