7DRL 2011 Review Challenge

I’ve taken up a challenge: review all 42 successful 7DRL entries! I spent most of Sunday playing and am very impressed so far.

I managed to do review 8 so far on my development blog, with more in the pipeline:

  • Lord Bistian Unnamed (BroQuest)
  • Destiny of Heroes
  • 7DRL Challenge Challenge
  • Rook
  • Benhem’s 2D/3D dungeon
  • Pitman
  • Vicious Orcs
  • Gridfolk

More to come during the week. I am basing my list off of temple of the roguelike’s list, so let me know if I should or shouldn’t be reviewing your game.

It must be said again… congratulations to all participants. The amount of work involved in all of these games (including the non-successes) is absolutely mind-boggling to me, every year.

Pitman – After-Challenge Update

I took the time to make some essential bugfixes and also updates to Pitman Krumb. Be aware that I tried to make it better, but didn’t have time to test the changes thoroughly – any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Version 1.1 can be played/downloaded here:

Webplayer: http://www.ratking.de/games/pitman/index.html
Standalone Win: http://www.ratking.de/games/pitman/Pitman-Win.7z
Standalone Mac: http://www.ratking.de/games/pitman/Pitman-Mac.7z


– The game saves now after every round, and can be continued after quitting.
– Better balancing.
– Enemies have red rimlight.
– Mana regeneration (random).
– Bugfix: Ladder to next level sometimes did not appear.
– Bugfix: You can’t hurt friendly NPCs with the bow any more.
– You won’t get hungry so fast any more.
– Weapons and magic potions/scrolls/runes with low level also spawn on high dungeon levels.
– There is “winning” condition now.
– You can walk the path according your speed in all cases.
– Ladder to next level is better recognizable.

Download links for the seven-day-version are still intact, of course.

SRL : Post Mortem

Hi guys. I’ve written up a post mortem of my 7 day roguelike SRL. It’s available on my website, here is the direct link. Happy reading!
This was my first roguelike challenge (hell it’s my first attempt at a roguelike!) so I found it really enjoyable and was fully motivated through the whole week. Appreciate the opportunity so thankyou for running these challenges 🙂

7drl epic fail (for now) – Into the Darkness

So all I got done was a grid of @ symbols on a Silverlight page… Sorry about that! By way of explanation, I didn’t really think I’d have the time to finish this, but I also didn’t expect a chaotic week at work draining all my enthusiasm for development! I’ve been almost dreading coming back to this blog to see what awesome things everyone else has come up with, when all I have is a grid of @’s… but hey, I can always try again next year, or make an out-of-challenge 7drl when I do have a spare week, or even pick up where I left off with Into the Darkness… after all, if you hadn’t figured it out from my announcement post, my 7drl was supposed to be themed around Christianity, and Christianity is all about second chances! 🙂
By the way, my mom posted on Facebook something about picking NCAA tournament teams by “alphabetical primacy”, and I thought about that for a minute… hey, wouldn’t “Alphabetical Primacy” be an awesome name for a roguelike??? 😀 Kinda generic sounding, like “World Supremacy” or “Galactic Civilizations”, but I don’t think anyone has used “Alphabetical Primacy” yet!

Gridfolk: post mortem

Herein lies the tale of Gridfolk the failed 7DRL.  It is a tale of ambition, time squandered, determination, excitement, and defeat.

I admit my ultimate vision for this game was over ambitious.  I wanted to create a multiplayer roguelike, where players could dig and construct in a 3D world, similar to popular games like minecraft or dwarf fortress.  My unique twist was to merge this with the roguelike notion of grinding through deeper levels with harder enemies.  Players would mine and collect minerals, which could be crafted into all the items they would wear.  Deeper minerals would have better base values, which would in turn create better gear.  Rather than a procedural dungeon, Gridfolk’s depths would be player created.  I also had some interesting plans for resource conversation.  Players would only be able to keep their worn gear when logging out, and dead/abandoned characters would have their gear stripped and made available to spawning monsters.

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