Servitude – Day 4 – Report

Again, I didn’t spend half as much time on this as I would have liked.  But I did get big bang for my bucks out of the time I did spend, from the generic code I’ve already written.  Doors now have two flags, locked/unlocked and open/closed.  The player can no longer walk through a closed door.  Walking into objects pops up a context menu based on the type of object.  The turn-based action system is begun.

Move into something, context menu appears.
Context menus.

Sometimes I think I would be making more progress, if I didn’t take the time to perfect my code.  Other times I find that “perfected code” enabling me to build other things with minimal effort.  Or lending itself to easy extension.  Whatever the case may be, things are pretty much writing themselves so far.

On to day 3!

SubversionRL (working title: Liberation of Yarna)

My 2012 roguelike was not very successful, partially because it was my first program on D and my first expierience with libtcod.

So this time i’ll use the language i’m most comfortable with (Ruby) and working engine from my mecha-roguelike project (RubyRL). But my current idea for this challenge is still slightly too big for 7 days. I’ve written an approx. plan of realization and it consists of about 65 tasks, 10 tasks per day. It would be possible if i can work on the game full time, not just few hours after work. Ok, we’ll see.

The idea is the game about spy\saboteur, who must complete missions (laying bombs, mostly. i dont think there will be time for our missions) in randomly generated cities, avoiding partols, running from or killing anyone who have spotted him. Enemies will not know you are ‘bad’ until they see you are doing something wrong or anybody else who seen it will tell them. Well, some patrols will try to check everybody, so you must hope that they will distract on normal citizens.

Goal – survive after completing mission, go to the safehouse, sleep there, do next mission.

Battle system: you can shoot, enemies can shoot. Chance of hitting is 90%-10%*distance, but only 50% at melee range. Enemies die after first hit, you die after third. You can also use melee hits to kill with 100% effectivity and use nanoagents in your blood to heal wounds or temporarily speeds up self.

The main source of inspiration is a great russian novel “Сагонские войны” (I never heard of it’s translation to other lanuages).

I’m going to start at 0:00 Sunday, so i’ll have the full night after Saturday, then full day\night of Sunday, and the finally almost full day at Saturday 16th. Well, and few hours at working days. I’m surely won’t have a time to post here until finishing – i wonder how can people find a time for it.

After-Chalenge Version: HyperRogue III




Necromancers of Graveyard


Demons of Hell


Cultists of Cthulhu

An after-challenge version of HyperRogue II, named HyperRogue III, has been released!

The most visible change is the addition of graphics. This will hopefully make it more playable for people who are not hardcore roguelike fans. Of course, the ASCII display from the previous versions is still available (press “v” for configuration, then “w” and “m”), it also seems to run more smoothly on some of the older machines.

The floor graphics are slightly based on the works of M. C. Escher, one of the few artists who did use hyperbolic geometry in the past. You need to press ‘v’ to activate the new floors, as they are more confusing and slower to draw.

Also, four new lands have been added (the Land of Eternal Motion, Graveyard, R’Lyeh, and Hell).

Another big thing is that you now have a quest, instead of just aiming for high scores. You are no longer able to immediately enter all the lands, some of them will appear only if you have met certain requirements (most of them related to score). Ultimately, you will be able to reach Hell, and find the Orb of Yendor. Of course you can still aim for high scores, too.

This makes the challenges in Hell (which I find quite interesting) a reward for the most careful players, while HyperRogue II allowed everyone to see everything. It has good and bad points, but I think it is worth it to motivate the players.

And some balance improvements. Overall, I think this is enough changes to change the name again, to HyperRogue III (Hyperbolic Rogue was the preliminary concept work, and HyperRogue II was the 7DRL challenge version).

Have fun, and good luck in your quest for the Orb of Yendor!

The Well Of Enchantments

The Well Of Enchantments

(wow, am i late finding this place!)

a successful 7DRL 2012 , complete for windows.

theme : “exploiting the superclass”.

zap a sandwich like a wand, eat a sword, read your boots, wear a potion.

72 magical effects exist, and you barely have time to identify them all in a single 7-level game.

download the 7DRL version here:                  (a known crashing bug is that sometimes when an item is removed from your inventory (read,drop,crumble,destroy item) it is still displayed, and if you click on it in your inv, the game will crash)

here is a “1 week later” version, with tons of little fixes, balancing, and playability/readability changes. i highly recommend this version for anyone who just wants to play the game for fun:

Here, you can find a video i did for Mastodon’s “Dry Bone Valley” using The Well Of Enchantments. shows lots of gameplay.

here is my limited dev blog, with links, etc.

Game Features:

22 monsters, thousands of possible items, 7 dungeon levels,win condition, detailed speed system, encumbrance system, more!

After-Challenge-Version of Me Against The Mutants


I made a small update for Me Against The Mutants – you can play the most recent version on Kongregate, or just download the standalone version (8.75 MiB, Windows only)!

Changes include:

  • a preloader
  • volume control via N and M
  • fixed a minor memory leak
  • display of black rectangles for the nonvisible tiles when moving is better now
  • included a timer, so you can see how long you needed to finish the game (or to die)
  • fixed bug with disappearing enemies when moving around (I hope) and non-walkable tiles
  • mana doesn’t drain completely anymore when a mutant is detected inside the self-created infinity rect
  • the message “I’m on the outside.” is gone, as it was confusing for some
  • inventory and end messages update correctly now

Waaaghammer Updated (04 version + Tile “support”

I have finally gotten around to uploading another bug-fix binary.

I have fixed the remaining known crash bug when wielding weapons (AI or player) as well as a few other combat issues.

Plus I added TILE “support”. Tiles are supported but I don’t have very good ones (except for the excellent squig ones :p ). (I forgot to add ammo tiles, so the are just a white selection box)

Thanks to “arthandas9” for some ideas/bugs/support.

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So I have posted elsewhere but here goes for prosperity 🙂  I have a later bugfix up now 🙂 Homepage here

You play an orc who awakes confused and disoriented into the world.  Find your way in orc society and  meet your destiny, or die trying.

The game has 10 areas to explore.

Two separate playing methods, Dirty Fighter or Squig Master.  Once every level you can unleash a WAAAGH.

Homepage here Windows binary but source available.


RoboCaptain – Update

Got some feedback from early players of RoboCaptain. Turns out I still have some things to learn about cross-browser supprt! For now, if you’d like the best experience, use Chrome. I also did test the latest Firefox and that seemed to work too. Sorry for the confusion!

Also, if anyone has been able to get it working in a different browser, please let me know. Thanks!

7DRL Success: Fuel

I announced the success on r.g.r.d. but forgot about this place, so here goes:

In Fuel you play a space miner and your singleship has burnt out the monopoles that power its engine (also the resource you mine for). You land on a large asteroid to look for more monopoles, finding a likely looking crater you start your decent. You need to find 5 monopoles to refuel your ship.

The roguebasin page includes screenshot and executables for windows, mac and linux (32 bit).

Spent a ton of work on this one, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on it 🙂


Restless – the Dream Forest – Failure

I’ve had to throw in the towel with my Roguelike, at least in terms of doing it for 7DRL. Whilst I’ve done a bunch of 48 hour challenges before, I managed to face a large hurdle at every step of this project.   By the time I realised how far behind I was, it was too late to start something simpler.

In terms of mistakes, my main mistake was that I didn’t get the basic game flow with enemy movement and combat in early. Things like maps, graphics, and everything else is icing on the cake when I should have been focusing on the foundation.

I also scrapped and remade some of the systems for items and characters, but I don’t consider this a mistake as my work was much faster and effective afterwards. Definitely something to remember in terms of software design for the future.

Despite everything, I feel like the event was a success for me. I didn’t lose any sleep, or neglect other aspects of my life and work, and I learned a lot of new techniques.

Also, I’ve decided to keep working on this project for another week. Hopefully I’ll have some of the major problems ironed out, and I can decide how to take this project forward.

I’m looking forward to playing some of the 7DRLs now! 🙂