RoboCaptain – Update

Got some feedback from early players of RoboCaptain. Turns out I still have some things to learn about cross-browser supprt! For now, if you’d like the best experience, use Chrome. I also did test the latest Firefox and that seemed to work too. Sorry for the confusion!

Also, if anyone has been able to get it working in a different browser, please let me know. Thanks!

7DRL Success: Fuel

I announced the success on r.g.r.d. but forgot about this place, so here goes:

In Fuel you play a space miner and your singleship has burnt out the monopoles that power its engine (also the resource you mine for). You land on a large asteroid to look for more monopoles, finding a likely looking crater you start your decent. You need to find 5 monopoles to refuel your ship.

The roguebasin page includes screenshot and executables for windows, mac and linux (32 bit).

Spent a ton of work on this one, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on it πŸ™‚


Restless – the Dream Forest – Failure

I’ve had to throw in the towel with my Roguelike, at least in terms of doing it for 7DRL. Whilst I’ve done a bunch of 48 hour challenges before, I managed to face a large hurdle at every step of this project. Β  By the time I realised how far behind I was, it was too late to start something simpler.

In terms of mistakes, my main mistake was that I didn’t get the basic game flow with enemy movement and combat in early. Things like maps, graphics, and everything else is icing on the cake when I should have been focusing on the foundation.

I also scrapped and remade some of the systems for items and characters, but I don’t consider this a mistake as my work was much faster and effective afterwards. Definitely something to remember in terms of software design for the future.

Despite everything, I feel like the event was a success for me. I didn’t lose any sleep, or neglect other aspects of my life and work, and I learned a lot of new techniques.

Also, I’ve decided to keep working on this project for another week. Hopefully I’ll have some of the major problems ironed out, and I can decide how to take this project forward.

I’m looking forward to playing some of the 7DRLs now! πŸ™‚

7drl Success: Nightfall

I havent posted anything to this blog so far this challenge, but I figure its a good way to give myself more exposure now that there are a myriad of new games floating about.

My game is called Nightfall.

You are copilot in a salvage ship operating in an asteroid field when you crash land. But something is amiss… This asteroid seems to support some kind of… life. The shadows themselves form and dissolve in the corners of your eyes and as you begin to set foot away from the crash site, something horrible rises in the distance behind you – A huge wall of shadow forms on the opposite horizon to the sun which is fast falling. You think you can see eyes in the darkness. Hundreds of them. Its time to run.

Pick it up here:

Wyrm – 7dRL Success!!!

You are the last of your kind, a mighty Red Dragon of amazing appetite!

Eat your way through your enemies and grow in size, but make sure they don’t flank you! And whatever you do, don’t try to bite your own tail!

The display is based on my SquidGrid library, which is open source so feel free to bug me about it πŸ˜€