Did you complete a 7DRL? Have a medal!

Medal_7DRL_2013Congratulations everyone who completed this year’s 7DRL challenge! Every year someone whips up a medal to give out to the successful entrants, and here is the one for 2013.

So give yourself a pat on the back and have this lovely image to print out and stick on your lapel and/or dispaly on your game download page. If you have a roguebasin page, be sure to update that too! Here is a link which you are free to use as the image source:


The above is sized to fit next to all the past medals, but if anyone wants a super hi-res version click the one below! Its huge!

Well done everybody 😀



Boothill post failure development: Land of Strangers v01

I know I’m streching the time frame for the challenge here, but in case anyone may be interested:  I’m continuing development of my failed western-themed 7drl “Boothill” – now titled “Land of Strangers”. I’ve set up a Google code repository, and will be posting updates to Roguelike Temple and rgrd.

The current version features an infinite desert randomly populated by scorpions and straight-faced goons, and a skill system that will hopefully prove interesting with some further development.

As always, Minotauros

It’s embarrassing, but … Tetrogue fix3

Sorry, but here is another fix. I’ve made some changes to the library that is used by the game and these changes have broken text boxes.


This time all 3 platforms are ready.

I’ve spent 10 extra minutes to improve crafting a little. Now it is possible to pick placed pieces back.

I decided to playtest this a little, to avoid further embarrasing, and played 3 games. One by Wizard, one by Rogue and one by Warrior. And won all three! Warrior was the hardest. I nearly died on the last level, which is optional once you found stairs down, I decided to increase score a little. Greed is bad.