Generating Roguelikes From The Web

I entered 7DRL for the first time this year, but without a strong library base and enough time dedicated to it (I slacked!) unfortunately my game didn’t come to fruition. However, the interesting part of the roguelike – the tech behind it – did get finished, which means it might be helpful to you – yes, you! – in developing experimental roguelikes in the future. Here’s how my entry, A Rogue Dream, was going to work, and how you can use the code that made it up.

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Splitter: bug fix 2

These are just bug fixes that fix crashes and critical errors.

Splitter bugfix2 7DRL2013 by graspee


The game was giving you a free rest cycle after you’d picked up an item, leading to you filling your hp or mp when you picked up an item with + those things on.
Fixed message log again. This time it was bits of old text showing up once you looped round the length of the buffer. I did have a fix in place for it but I’d made a mistake in it.
Fixed bug where you would level up but it wouldn’t turn off key handling and because you are holding down the key to repeatedly bump the monster you would end up trashing the level up screen so you couldn’t see it.
Game was still expecting game over screen to be in an absolute location on my hd and therefore crashing

Older files:
Splitter 7DRL2013 by graspee bugfix 1

Splitter 7DRL2013 by graspee

Gun.SmokeRL Post Failure Update.

Gun.SmokeRL version 0.0.1 (Java7)(Thats right, so far from being finished it has a middle zero)

My massively over-scope 7drl: this is my failed impementation which I am, after a short
rest at a sanitarium, beginning work on again. The code is messy as hell and my first long job is to clean it up, before I can even start on getting in all the billion and one features i have floating around my fevered skull.

I’ve got a few intersting bits in it:
I’ve partially implemented a train: if you want to get on the train just get hit by it!
Rivers push you along with their current.
Z-effect. If you go up a level the fonts below get smaller.
Weather machine… its always raining at the moment, just to show it off.

All this still needs tweaking, more stuff I aim to add is:
Trains with different carriages, that can be got on properly at handy stations.
Horses and carriages and boats and steamBoats.
A few Mine levels in a more classic rogue style.
Crouch,walk run and partial cover for good tactical fighting stuff.
More weather effects for different seasons and ASCII particles effects for fires etc.
Seasonal changes, like grass changing color, dmg from cold in winter, heat exhaustion in summer etc.
Combats already in there, hidden, but I need to put in something other than rabbits!
Main storyline and a bunch of proceduraly generated sub-quests.
And all the items, classes, bad guys, skills etc. you’d expect.

Expected problems:
Screen resolutions: I’ve tried adding auto adjustments for different screen resolutions,
so it will be big enough on every screen, but it may make the problem worse, i dont
know yet.
Object Pools: I’m using object pools like a good boy, but i keep having a problem with
rabbits coming back to life with no stats and crashing the game. I have a null
pointer someplace! One of those annoying bugs that doesn’t happen in the same
place twice.

Download it here:


Complain to me directly:




Mosaic 1.1 – the obligatory post-7DRL bugfixes and tweaks

The game is now complete!  Well, in truth I’ve had a few new ideas, but this release settles everything designed into the game originally.  Players should find the Es more manageable, but may find more challenge elsewhere.  The music is also a little less painful.  Downloads and full release notes:

Have fun!  And any feedback is greatly appreciated.

The Aurora Wager – Version 3

Here’s a sizable update to The Aurora Wager, bringing it up to version 3!


  • Fixed catastrophic wind bug near North Pole, it can now actually be reached
  • Wind is a lot more versatile
    • Intensity and direction vary more as you get closer to the North Pole
    • Makes navigation more interesting, and quite a bit harder
  • All physical objects are now affected by the wind
    • Yes, even you!
  • Balloon weights and aerodynamics have been tweaked
    • It now falls faster
    • Its ropes have less dampening to them
  • Burner rates and efficiencies have been tweaked
    • Small burner is slow but steady
    • Medium and big burn faster, at lower efficiencies
    • Can now lift off without having to hop
  • Added gauges
    • Vertical velocity
    • Balloon temperature
    • The opposite side of the gondola now also features these gauges
  • Held items are now displayed slightly more towards the center of the screen
  • Cloud layer death zone is now higher
  • Various low-level optimizations
    • Drag now respects rigidbody sleep velocity
  • Added application icon

Update 24-03-2012:

  • Fixed item spawning on islands sometimes being disabled
  • Significantly reduced amount of fuel in canisters
  • Fixed burner effects still playing when out of fuel

Download The Aurora Wager at

See the original post for more details.

Klingon RL – Playtested and Rebalanced

  Get it here!

Seems pretty important to have some testing done. Thanks to Legend, Darren Grey and Geminosity for their feedback. I’ve adjusted the difficulty so that perfect play will beat the game, and nearly all deaths can be avoided with proper planning.

Took me about 3 minutes to tweak some settings, I was just missing some solid play testing and feedback.

Before there were maps where your death was basically preordained, no matter how well you played you were going to die. My take on how difficulty should work is that player death should be the player’s fault, if the game just jumps up and unavoidably kills the player then it’s not difficult, it’s just frustrating.

Changes: You can know engage ‘M’ missile cruisers and Starbases in combat without simply dying. So if you have the skill and can get back into cloak you can take out an entire system’s worth of Federations ships. Tricky, very tricky, but doable.

You can also destroy the ‘E’ Enterprise if you are slick (knowing how to hide in asteroids helps). You could always kill the Enterprise, but it was so tough I’d never accomplished it. Now it’s as tough as a ‘B’ Battleship, which makes it very tough to kill without a cloaking device. Don’t worry though, the Enterprise returns in the next system to chase you.

There’s always another Enterprise!

The Reset Button: Try Again Announcement

While my previous 7drl was a successful experimental prototype, I feel motivated to try again.  Hopefully people will be motivated to look at this *late* submission.  I feel that I have learned from my mistakes, and moving in to another place won’t be an issue.  There are some commitments, but I found that there are times where it helps to do something else to refresh my mind.