I’ve been gearing up to work on wonderboy-in-ascii-world using coffeescript and a new node-term-ui lib I’ve been contributing to so that drawing graphic primitives and ui elements at the terminal is a thing of joy. You may wonder why I’m not using ncurses – the real answer is just that the node wrapper was too buggy and installing took a lot longer than I’d want to push on anyone. Also this abstraction layer will let me deliver both a web based and command line based interface at the same time.

The game is going to be a top down version of the wonderboy world with some similar levels and plot elements. Not sure how far I’ll get but it sounds fun and I guess thats the point!

Ship Happens – A generic tactical roguelike set in SPPPAAAACCEEEEEEEEE.

My short history with game jams consists of a single entry: A relatively poor attempt at a combat light roguelike with a dynamic quest system in LD #23. I was unable to implement everything I wanted in time, and ended up rushing at the last minute to even make it playable.
Despite the underwhelming state of my entry, I had a great time. I learned a lot about the workflow of game development in microcosm, and I felt like I was part of something great.

In an attempt to re-capture this feeling and continue my personal development in gamedev (something for which I have a budding passion), I have decided to enter 7rdl with a tentative idea I like to call: Ship Happens – A generic tactical roguelike set in SPPPAAAACCEEEEEEEEE.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the capacity to take time off work, and I don’t have much time out of work, so it’s going to be a struggle…and of course as is par for all gamejam noobies, I plan on over scoping, and under delivering 😉 but I also plan on having fun, and thats whats really important I think.

I look foward to seeing what I can come up with (I have no design doc, and have not decided on what tools or even what language I’m going to use), and I also look forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with. Based on the past entries that I’ve seen, I think we’ll see some great things!

7DRL London Afterparty

I’m hosting a little meet-up on the evening of the Sunday at the end of the 7DRL week. It’s a good excuse to meet up and celebrate successes or commiserate failures, and to play each other’s games and games published online too. It’ll be at my place with pizzas and beers and coffee and computers. Might stage a recording of Roguelike Radio too. Anyone is welcome to join in! If you’d like to come please register here:


Happy 7DRLing 🙂

farm rl

Can you imagine playing in a dungeon that is a working ecosystem, created by its inhabitants?
Predators eat herbivores, herbivores eat plants, and you must gather what you need to survive your trek. As you descend new environments and species become available that require you to manipulate them to your advantage.

Grow deadly fire seeds to burn your way through a maze-like jungle.  Find fertile soil to grow rare healing fruit.  Trap enemies with fast growing tangle-vines.

At the end of your quest is most sough after prize, an weapon so deadly it kills every thing on the level but you.  But be warned, to win you must reach the top with at least one charge remaining.