Beware of Strange Warp Points: dev continues!

If you enjoyed my 2014 7DRL, “Beware of Strange Warp Points”, you’ll be glad to hear that development has been continuing – a friend of mine from the Space Empires community stepped up to fix some bugs and add a few neat features, and that prompted me do do some more work on the game myself!

So what will you find thus far?

  • Fixed bug causing repeated colonization of planets using long range sensors.
  • Added shield regenerator components.
  • Fixed bug causing enemy ships to move at the player’s speed. Watch out for those scouts!
  • Added mineral planets (they’re the best!) from which you can gain small amounts of resources.
  • Missiles that are shot down are now described as being shot down, instead of missing.
  • The game now ends properly when you win.
  • Fixed bug causing ships destroyed by losing both crew and engines simultaneously to grant double salvage.
  • Log messages now appear in the proper order (not reversed).
  • Log messages are now colored depending on what happens (generally, blue = good, cyan = very good, yellow = bad, red = very bad, white = neutral)
  • Log messages turn gray after you take your next turn, instead of disappearing. (They still disappear after 25 of them accumulate, though.)

You can download the C# source code here:

We haven’t yet put together a v1.1 build, so you’ll need Visual Studio (2012 or higher; there is a free Express version) or MonoDevelop to build it.

7DRL2014 – 26 Quick Highlights

With 132 successful 7DRLs at the latest count it can be hard to know what to play… Well, I’ve not played them all, but from what I’ve played and what I’ve read from others the following are 26 that you shouldn’t miss. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, and doubtless I’ve missed out on some hidden gems. Also some of them are more “interesting” to me than being brilliant games. In no particular order:

DataQueen – Shameless self-promotion, but I’m pretty happy with my entry this year and have had universally positive feedback on it! Very intense tactical game with hex grids.

TraumaRL – From the creator of PrincessRL comes another meaty and detailed game. Hard to believe this was made in 7 days! Interesting bits of story, very well polished procedural design, and a lot of replayable fun. This will keep you entertained for a lot longer than a week.

Here Be Dragons – Nice look and feel, uses party members a bit like equipment.

Hellspace – Beautifully polished sci-fi crawler. Nothing too innovative, but a very solid playthrough.

Creek Hero – Fish eat fish and changing size and growing in power. It’s weird and fun.

The Littlest Princess – Run away from a ghost to get keys for doors in a tight little puzzley game. Very cute, nicely challenging.

KRAXLN – Rock-climbing puzzley game. Not much depth, but fun whilst it lasts.

Voronoiance – Voronoi diagrams based roguelike with 1HP mechanics. Hard but satisfying.

Dice Mines – Crazy cool game where you instruct a massive party of disposal heroes.

Ragtag – Very tight and tactical game where you control 3 monsters tag-team style to kill adventurers. Nice use of enemies getting stronger as a “hunger clock”.

Power Grounds – Tiny level, every move counts game where spells are attached to grid squares.

Goldfish – Pretty ASCII browser game. Not a lot of depth, but still fun.

Impera – 1HP game where you have to carefully position yourself with respect to enemies to avoid getting hit. Beautifully minimalist.

Succession – Take over enemies and use their abilities. Not quite as good a take on this as last year’s Possession but still very fun.

The Smith’s Hand – Sell adventurers equipment as they race off to their death. A bit slow-paced, but returning to the world of Vicious Orcs makes it interesting.

Fida’i – Stealth game, nicely intense. Cone FOV is annoying, but the other mechanics work well.

Variablo – Shift parts of the level around and defeat spawning enemies. Very nice graphics and animations.

Third Planet – Cool space RL where you gain momentum as you move around. Planning turns is tricky.

Dungeon Dual – Co-op game but turn-based and asynchronous. Not the best multiplayer implementation ever, but interesting in its own way.

Eden Sector – Really big sci-fi game with lots to do. Based off Approaching Infinity.

Shit Crimson – Joyfully titled game with an interesting modular spell system.

Golden Krone Hotel – Lure vampires into daylight to kill them. Become a vampire yourself to cast spells and suck blood. Awesome!

Rogue Station – Deal with oxygen breaches and invading monsters in a sci-fi RL.

FlappyRL – Turn-based FlappyBird. Gets old quick, but for that initial few plays it’s very cool 🙂

Wild West Roguelike – Title says it all – this game is really cool.

FavRL – A whole roguelike in a 16×16 pixel favicon. Nicely done!

Sorry to any great games that I missed – I’ll try and get more highlights listed later.

Rogue Station, 7DRL Let’s Play

Game Hunter has let’s played the game now:

From YouTube:
Space roguelikes are great because you already feel cramped, and this game takes it to the next level. A lot of the core gameplay is here and it plays really well! I’d hope for a little more to do with a couple of patches, but I think I could entertain myself with this for a good while as-is.

Ideally, scavenging could be a little more intelligently-plannable, like being able to access consoles from all over the station that show, roughly, the location and name of each room. Naturally more items/electronics to interact with will pump things up, and making the station a bit bigger could address the somewhat-shortness of the game. The pace is fine, so only take it to its natural progression, but I could stand for maybe five more minutess of “interesting to-dos” after activating the end-game countdown.

Overall Thoughts:
Completely different approach this time around, and I think it paid off handsomely. While there could be some bits and pieces added, making a really nice 15-30min game overall, Rogue Station performs the various tasks of building a roguelike admirably, and it plays well to boot! Ultimately the gameplay is pretty simple, but you have to be constantly aware of your semi-invisible surroundings and approach each area with caution and restraint. The “countdown timer” seems awfully long, though, especially given what’s available to throw things off after it begins, but it’s a good idea with the right combination of additional obstacles. I hope to see this fleshed out over time!

Poachers Will Be Decapitated! Bugfixes and minor updates

Same download link: (Windows only for now)

  • Game can be restarted without quitting.
  • Monsters get stuck in corridors less often.
  • Picking up an item always sends it to the inventory.
  • Gaining too much experience doesn’t set the character’s level back to 0.
  • Wolves don’t have a ranged attack.
  • Normal mode added: experience only awarded for observed kills (previous default mode is now called easy mode, and is known to be winnable).
  • Python no longer strictly required: pregenerated static map is automatically used if Python is not available.
  • Readme.txt is more clear about system requirements; you need, 32-bit (x86) version.
  • Readme.txt has contact links.