7DRL 2015 reviews now live!

128 games were created in this year’s Seven Day Roguelike Challenge, and through the effort of a large and dedicated team of reviewers they have now also been thoroughly reviewed and appraised! You can find the reviews here:


Games were awarded a score of 1-3 in categories of Completeness, Aesthetics, Fun, Innovation, Scope and Roguelikeness. Most games got at least 2 reviews, and the top 50+ games got 3 reviews each.

Note that the process isn’t perfect, and is not used to select a “winner”, but more helps separate the top and bottom half of the field whilst giving useful feedback to the developers. If a game got a score of 2 or higher than it’s likely well worth your time to go play it!

To the West – 1.0.1 – Graphical fixes and a Windows build

I’ve made a quick update to To the West, just to make building easier and fix a couple of colors. I also made a working Windows build! Sorry for taking so long with that, I must’ve hit my head at the end of 7drl and mysteriously lost all my knowledge of coss-platform development or something.


Here’s the build: https://mega.co.nz/#!5843gJiK!Ntlg2QG1rkwxOV6DZNFZaiKuOuIzW_MsHCnttoQ-Y-k

Here’s the source: https://github.com/Df458/To-the-West

High Tech Survival spoilers/guide

Players these days… Uh…

0. General instructions.
Machines can be interacted by bumping into them.
Power cables can be ‘b’uilt. Enable ‘p’ower overlay mode to see cables.
If many cables/walls/pipes are to be built, use ‘B’atch build mode.
Use ‘c’onfigure to change cables and pipes connections.
If you want ‘easy mode’, restart till you get forest.
Forest means that there is oxygen and temperature is moderate.
In case of cold/hot planet do not forget to ‘c’lose doors when you leave the ship.
Be sure to use functions of the suite to keep you alive outdoors.
Use internal air in case of low/no oxygen and use thermocontrol in case of cold/hot environment.
Use scanner to detect ores direction.
Don’t forget to refill air and recharge suite’s battery when you return to ship.

1. There are shelves with iron and copper chunks in room with machines.
Spend iron carefully to make sure that you make at least drill and smelter.
Ideally you need item servo and crate. But there is item servo behind fuel feed and a box in the bedroom.
It can be used the same way as crate.
2. There are food and water in the ‘fridge’. Room in front of the bedroom.
In current version there is no inventory limit, so it’s better to pick it all.
3. As mentioned in 1. there is a box in the bedroom. There are tools in the box.
Use axe to chop down trees that are in the way and pickaxe to mine stones. Watch for fatigue.
Also you can dismantle one bed and carry it with you to rest.
Fatigue increases when you build. If you are too fatigued, you wob’t
4. Everything can be ‘d’ismantled. As well as batteries in a room next to reactor. But be careful with power connections.
If you disconnect air regenerator, you might die of suffocation.
5. To mine ore place a miner on an ore patch. Place an item servo next to the miner. And a crate or a box next to the item servo.
‘c’onfigure the item servo to pull items from the miner and push to the crate/box.
Connect the item servo and the miner to the power (‘b’uild a battery and a power cable to connect).
Bump into the miner and the servo to turn them on. This should start mining.
Crate with or can be ‘d’ismantled without loosing contents.
Use smelting in a similar way (crate -> servo -> smelter -> servo -> crate).
6. By bumping into ship’s console you will what you need to do to repair the ship.
You can calculate how much ores required to avoid mining more then needed.
Watch recipes in the ‘l’ist.

p.s. HTS can be downloaded here: https://sites.google.com/site/tetrogue/downloads/7drl-2015—high-tech-survival

Finally set up an itch.io page for my entry

sshot 3

And here it is:


Short description is: Evig Vinter is a game about surviving at the end of the world.

Explore and take supplies from the bodies of ex-survivors while your friends at the shelter try to build a radio and find a way out of here.

A game in which you learn by dieing.

Good luck.

p.s – controls are numpad and/or mouse

knock-down drag-out



You’ve launched an assault against an rival wizard’s tower.  The two of you stand toe to toe, locked in combat.  Claim territory and pool magic, then fire off spells and summon monsters in order to defeat your enemy.


The game can almost entirely be played using the keyboard or the mouse. ( i forgot include a way to walk using just the keyboard.  Luckily, it should be seldom used action)

  • WASD to move.
  • Q to exit a menu /dialogue window
  • CLICK on a grid space to open details/action menu for that space.
  • E to switch to cursor mode, then WASD to navigate the cursor around the map;
  • SPACE open details/action menu about the currently selected space

Open your character’s details/actions menu to get a list of spells you can currently use.


First tip, try not to walk anywhere. You can jump (teleport) around the map for free, which also claims territory.  Claimed spaces cost less for you to jump to, and prevent/reduce the enemy’s ability to attack you.

Second tip, you can perform more than one action per turn.  There are three types of actions: minor, major, and full.  You can perform any 2 minor actions on one turn.  Performing a major action will end your turn, but can be done after a minor action.  Performing a full action will end your turn and cannot be done after a minor action.  The following is a list of action sequences possible in a single turn.

  • minor, minor
  • minor, major
  • major
  • full

On your HUD, next to the turn counter you will see ’00’ if you haven’t taken an action so far this turn and ‘ 0-‘ if you’ve performed a minor action already this turn.  Certain action’s cost changes based on context, if this case the menu will show -m or -M for minor or major respectively.  Walking is a minor action.  Spells are major actions.

Third tip, start a bunch of pools so you’ll have a reserve of magic to draw from.  When you first create a pool, it will be arcane typed and contain one charge. Each turn every pool gains one charge.  You can convert an arcane pool into another element, but it will reduce the pool’s charge by 1.  Once you have a built up a pool you can tap it, and use the charges in the pool to cast spells/summon monsters.  At the start of a game you are assigned a random primary element, either fire, water, or plant.  You then have access to 2 sub-elements based, based on your primary element.  They are determined by taking the sub-element to left and right of your primary element in the following sequence:

  • –> fire –> (acid) –> water  –> (ice) –> plant –> (earth) –>

Each element has 3 spells, and one summon.  Summons convert the pool into the summon creature. Spells vary in their range, attack pattern and effects which include: damaging enemies, claiming spaces, leaving behind items, and reducing an enemy’s claim.


Here is a link to the 7DRL version: http://www.crabpotgames.com/p/knockdowndragout.html

Link to a version I intend to update: http://www.crabpotgames.com/p/kddo.html

Known code bugs:

  • Summoning a snowman crashes the game (incorrectly named function)
  • When your element is fire, the proper sub-elements are not choosen
  • Occasional crash on enemy death

Known game logic bugs:

  • More a deficiency, than a bug: the AI for the enemy wizard is too simplistic and too random. I really ran out of time to refine this area.
  • You can create a pool in enemy territory
  • Enemy can jump into your territory

Void Sanctum – 7DRL 2015, Dev Play

Alan Charlesworth has uploaded a post-challenge analysis and dev play of our 7DRL game, Void Sanctum.

Follow us and watch Alan thread down this road to ruin on YouTube in true roguelike fashion as we try to make a game in seven days!

Previous reports from Void Sanctum, 7DRL 2015:

  • Version 1.01
  • Success
  • Day 6
  • Day 5
  • Day 4
  • Day 3
  • Day 2
  • Day 1
  • Startup
  • Day 0
  • Hellion Update and Some 7DRL Mini-Reviews

    I’ve just released a new version of Hellion with some post-challenge tweaks, which you can get here:

    Hellion v1.0.1

    This update does not add any new content, but it brings the benefit of some more playtesting time to balance, bugfix and tweak some things to give a slightly better experience.  Of course, the good old 7-day version is still available.

    150322 Progress B

    In other news: ahead of the official judging process (in which I am also taking part) I have just posted a set of quickie mini-reviews of some of the other 7DRLs that I’ve played so far:

    Some Quickie 7DRL Reviews

    There’s still a lot more games to check out…

    KORZ-RL v1.01 minor (post-7DRL 2015) update

    Today I’ve released a small maintenance update of the finished 7DRL KORZ-RL game. The original 7DRL 2015 v1.00 version remains available on the site (see below for link).

    Changed in v1.01:

    • Added new Wait key for turn-based Roguelike mode, default is Numpad key 5
    • High score is now stored
    • Toyed a bit with the level generator parameters, although the changes are probably too minor to be really noticeable
    • Fixed crash when pressing R in main menu when there was no game to Resume
    • Added About option to main menu
    • Various minor corrections and enhancements that have to do with redefining keys

    Refer to the CHANGELOG.TXT included in the ZIP file for full details.

    You can download both this new v1.01 version and the original 7DRL v1.00 release here.