Laziness Level 9001: Forever-Alone Rogue Pong

I want to participate in this game jam, but I also don’t think I will have enough time and energy over the next week to give it my all. Roguelikes are awesome, however, so participation is still a must.

Right now I’m working porting this decade-old gem of a Flash game to Python.

There is a location in the game called the Casino.

In the Casino there are minigames.

I shall implement a minigame Forever-Alone Rogue Pong, the shittiest rogue-like the world will ever see.

Elements of Void – 7DRL 2015 pre-startup

Elements of Void (placeholder title, final title TBC) is going to be a collaboration between Pål Trefall (Rogue Station, Han Yolo and the Mysterious Planet) and Alan Charlesworth of the Indie Ocean YouTube channel.

Due to life commitments we won’t be starting in earnest until tomorrow, so today is Day 0. Our aim is to try and change up the usual ‘bump masses of enemies’ formula and maybe pull in a design influence or two from other niche game formats.

The main objective, of course, is to have a playable game. Only slightly behind that in the priorities is to have a game which is interesting and evocative rather than a dry rehash of everything familiar.

Watch this space for more on Elements of Void…or whatever we end up calling it.

Demon Crawl

An image from during development – there was mana back then!

So one day Overman got bored and decided to make a 7DRL. (Don’t worry, he’ll still be participating in March’s challenge!)


  • Unique style where you move through tunnels between hexagonal tiles
  • 27 randomly-generated levels
  • Almost 40 different enemies, including 3 bosses!
  • Shops, casinos, banks
  • Various status effects
  • Destructible and shifting terrain, along with lava and traps
  • Possibly more…?

Controls: Left+right click

Download:  Here

Devlog: Here