Announcing “Don’t Feed the Mimics”

A tactical dungeon crawler using a modified d20 system and featuring base building.

You play as a mimic fighting for control of an ever-growing dungeon. Create and send forth heroes in search of magical items to satisfy your bottomless hunger!

We will be building this project in Unity 5, beginning at 00:01 Sunday March 6 2016.

The Prancing Bard – Day 1

Yay, 7drl and I chose to work on an idea I was having for quite some time.

The planned core mechanic in a nutshell:


While you move, you play notes, depending on the direction. With this you play songs to throw magic at monsters. I have still no idea, wheter this will work out in a dungeon crawler. Is it applicable for a roguelike anyway? Let’s find out!

Code-wise I use libtcod in python and took my published roguelike rng clrc as a start. I ripped out all code apart from the basics, in fact this lead close to the libtcod+python tutorial.

Here are some things, that inspired me:

Darren Grey’s 7DRL Mosaic has pattern and music coupled in an interesting way.

The Hunting Horn from the Monster Hunter-Series is a lovely weapon.

Untitled (TBA)

I feel like a tadpole in a sea filled with sharks. I’m well impressed by some of the updates I’ve seen thus far by others already on just the beginning day of starting for the 7DRL. This is my first time participating in this challenge and I have no idea of what I am going to do yet, but I do plan to have fun making something that hopefully others will find fun as well. I’ll post updates on it eventually when I am ready on my blog which can be viewed at: . Until then, maybe my prior work would be of interest to you of which below is a screenshot from a current community project I am working on:

Good luck to everyone else participating!

Project Dog 7drl day 1

So, this being my first time attempting the 7drl I feel a bit bad that I couldn’t come up with a better name for my project. I might change it later if I come up with a better one (shouldn’t be too hard).

Project dog is inspired mainly by the Total war series and Hoplite. I plan on having  regiment based combat like that seen in Total war games whilst having movement based combat mechanics like those found in Hoplite. Instead of having control of multiple regiments the player will only control a single regiment, taking on the role of the sergeant.

In order to document the development of what will hopefully turn into a semi-complete game I’ll attempt to write up a short summary each day of the challenge. Regardless of the outcome I hope the experiences of a first time 7drl’er will provide some entertainment value.


Fehlfunktion – Day 1


Development of Fehlfunktion (Dysfunction) went quite well. I’ve got map generation, exploration, doors and pickups. Code is ugly as hell but that does not matter.

The stream made some trouble but in the end it was up for 5 hours. I’ll do a fast motion video in the end.

Here you can see one of the first screenshots of day 1. As usual i’m using my sprites which i draw several years ago (clearly inspired by an old game called cyberdogs)Fehlfunktion Day1

First Screenshot of “No Crypto For Old Men”

I’ve got some of the basics working for No Crypto For Old Men.  Here’s a screenshot:

No Crypto For Old Men First Screenshot

On the left is the “map” of the network you are currently attacking.  You are the “@”, naturally.  The dots are a “conduit” you can follow to other nodes in the network.

On the right is the “terminal” where you type commands.  Eventually, there will be many terminal commands, and one of the “treasures” you’ll be able to find will be new terminal commands.

Both of these are working, although both maps and available terminal commands are quite boring at the moment.

I’m using rot.js/Javascript for this game, so it should be playable in any modern web browser.