The Trapped Heart – 7DRL 2016 Success

The Trapped Heart is a hex-based roguelike where enemies have directional shields. You need to arrange attacks from the right directions to kill them. Download from (ignore the price request):

I didn’t get all I wanted done this week, and the artist I had on board didn’t manage to make any enemy sprites (hence my shoddy artwork in the game). But I had a lot of fun designing the mechanics and interesting enemies and bosses to fit with the mechanics. The enemies combine to make for really thoughtful gameplay, having to carefully choose how to attack to bypass their shields, and some of the bosses produce terrific moments of challenge.

Attacks come in two methods – with lightning bolts and earthquakes. Bolts cause damage in a single direction, and may arc to other enemies in a clockwise direction. Earthquakes push enemies away, potentially slamming them into walls or other enemies and hitting them at a more vulnerable rear. You can upgrade both ability sets by killing bosses.

The aim of the game is to rescue your counterpart elemental spirit, but it won’t be as simple as marching through the game… The true ending is a little puzzle to unlock and requires more clever and more difficult play!

The Trapped Heart gameplay

The big piece missing is the story, which is there in parts but lacks the detail I was after. In particular the game doesn’t achieve my objective of having an Undertale-inspired multi-layered story that plays out across numerous runs. Oh well, here are some more pictures:

The Trapped Heart roguelike gameplay
Fighting a giant slug in the swamp
The Trapped Heart
Some cave critters
Knights of Undying Friendship
The Knights of Undying Friendship! Alas, without the many dialogue permutations I had hoped to include

Some Dogs Go To Hell – Success… of a sort.

Some Dogs Go To Hell is my first 7DRL entry, and indeed my first roguelike! I finished it on Saturday, but I haven’t quite had time to post about it ’till now. It’s a game about a dog who has died and been wrongfully sent to Hell, and must join together with other passed dogs to defeat the legions of the underworld and escape.


I’m calling it finished, though only just. I’m certainly not happy with it, and if I had an extra day or two there’s plenty I’d add, and plenty of issues left unfixed. Still, the core of the game was three ideas:

  1.  Gameplay based around the player character being able to see better than they can smell
  2. Complex NPC dogs that the player can convince, through correct application of social procedures (like playing and respecting other dog’s personal space) to help the PC, or by failure anger them into attacking
  3. Intricate and deadly Dwarf Fortress-esque tactical combat

… and those are all in there, and the game basically works, so in my books it’s a success.


SDGTH was done in Python 3, from scratch, using TDL, a wrapper for libtcod. I didn’t have any code written beforehand (besides the pathing and POV services libtcod provides, which is honestly the most complex code in the entire game,) though I did copy most of the systems architecture over from my other (still in development) game INJECTION.

I was gonna write a big long explanation of how the game was designed here, but WordPress isn’t cooperating. If anyone’s actually interested in it, maybe I’ll start my own blog and do it there or something.

Anyway, 7DRL was fun, if exhausting, and I’m glad I have something to show for it. I’m not going to work on SDGTH again for a while (I’m sick of looking at it!) but an enhanced post-7DRL version is definitely in the cards.

bygr – Success!

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 01.38.39

bygr is a squad roguelike in an abstracted low polygon world. You can play over at – it’s all JavaScript in the browser and the code is available to tinker with at (I make no apologies for some of the hackery).

As always, I didn’t get as far as I wanted, and the game balance is way off without enough stuff to do, but, stuff that went right:

  • Characters behave differently and some strategy/skill involved
  • Generally nice looking and varied environments
  • Progression with XP and stat upgrades
  • Easy to tweak/change enemies and behaviour
  • Underlying ‘engine’ feels pretty good, with AI, animation and UI – I’ll hopefully extend this some more

Stuff that didn’t:

  • Not enough strategy from the environment. Was hoping to add abilities to create/remove/move obstacles
  • Not enough variety/smarts from the enemies
  • No obvious link between stats and how it plays (there is one, but it’s pretty hidden)
  • Not enough animations/shiny effects to give more obvious feedback
  • No loot or upgradable abilities

I’d be curious to hear how others work on game and combat balance. 7 days is pretty tight to do much playtesting and I end up guessing my way with a handful of spreadsheets. Yet to get it right in any of my 3 7DRL attempts!

Cult – 7drl 2016 Success!

cult_whitedemonRise subjects! Your dark lord Azzafel commands you Rise!

Before my throne rests a twisted altar. Let it be known that he who can complete the rite of becoming upon its stone top will become my avatar!

A dark gift for only for one worthy enough to best his peer.Let the battle begin!


Click Here for a gameplay video by Rogueliker!

Click Here to visit the download page!

Hello everyone! My name is Numeron, and this is my 9th successful entry for the 7 day roguelike challenge! This year, my game is called Cult.

Cult is an arena combat game. The objective of the game is to maintain proximity to the altar in the middle of the map. Doing so for long enough will grant you powers of the Avatar of your dark lord Azzafel – which you will need to fend off your opponents attempting for the same, as only one cultist may be the unholy avatar! The player with the most time as the avatar at the end of the match wins.

I hope you enjoy my game this year – I think its a good one.

I have a thread on rogue temple , however I haven’t posted to yet so I thought I would shamlessly plug myself! This year, I started on Monday evening, and finished at 11:30pm Sunday night (was a close call getting it in on time!) I used an existing code base which is the same code as for my past 5 challenge entries, its becoming really messy haha.

Let me know what you think!