Cyan Security – Day 4

Hello everyone! I’m keeping track of my progress here on the rogue temple forums, but I think this little collection of room screenshots looks pretty damn cyberpunk awesome, so I thought I’d plug it here too! As a part of this years 7drl I’ve upgraded my lighting engine a bit so lights can change color, flicker, and glow too! Lots more rooms and world-gen to work on today, so should be more to see in about 12 hours back on the forums. Enjoy 🙂


Cyan Secruity Screenshots

Pirates of Rogue Basin – Day 3

Well, so much for being ahead of the curve! Today was spent almost entirely on fleshing out the Cities. You can now:

  • Enter cities by setting our anchor in an adjacent tile
  • Exit cities by visiting their docks
  • Increase Morale at brothels

Different size cities have more/fewer shops to choose from, but a General Store and Docks are always present.

Cities’ market prices are determined by the quantity/scarcity of the goods.

Coming up (hopefully in the remaining hours of tonight, if I’m to have a chance of getting back on schedule):

  • Buy drinks in taverns (slight morale boost)
  • Hire Crew in taverns
  • Repair Ship’s hull/sail at Shipyards
  • Buy new ships, and ammo at Shipyards
  • Gather Gossip from Cities

Still feeling pretty good about things, though I had originally planned to get much more done on Day 3.

Settler end of day 4

Progress is slower than I would like. There seem to be no end of data structures to set up and so much game logic. I’m having doubts about whether the game will be “balanced” in the end, too. I really won’t be able to tell until it’s basically finished though because it needs all parts to be working.

Some other guy said you had to click on his animated gif to see it play, so same goes for mine!

Unlichtwesen – Day 3 & 4

The end of day 4 sees quite good progress on the game. The player char is done, you can choose to dual-wield two out of 4 weapons (Dagger, Sword, Spear, Morningstar) and every weapon has two moves with differnet patterns and cooldown. This part is really fun and I may extend this in the future, thinking of other weapons and how the moves could be like.

The demons have procedurally generated names, titles and bodyparts now, that influence their stats. Example:

A basic set of move and attack patterns is available as well. Some combinations are already quite fun to battle against. However, this is the part I need to extend on until Saturday evening. Adding more and more patterns could also be an endless task, so I have to see what is feasible and wherelse polish is needed.

One thing I will most likely skip is a sort of progression system. I have some ideas in my mind, but they have the potential to completely screw up the game code and end in a last minute bugfest. The game should be fine in just fighting a demon and count win as you defeat it, just to restart and encounter a new enemy.

Abyss 7DRL: Day 3.5

Hi all,
here is the status of my game after 3.5 days of development.

Many roguelikes share the concept of crawling down a procedural dungeon as deep as you can to retrieve a fabled item. Abyss removes the dungeon and makes depth one of your enemies.

In Abyss, you are a scientific submarine searching for the legendary fish of Yendor, a species never observed alive before. Collect sea-life specimens, upgrade your ship, manage your O2, and reinforce the hull to resist the crushing pressure. And beware of what lurks in the abyss…

Day 3 status:

  • procedural sea floor and passive life: Done
  • interface rendering: 50%
  • movement: Done
  • algae and bubbles: Done
  • mothership interaction: 50%
  • entity generation: 0%
  • entity interaction: 0%
  • health/oxygen/power: 50%

So far, so good !

You can follow the game status here:
The same webpage will host the (hopefully) finished game on Sunday evening.

First descent

Casket of Deplorables – Day 2

No sooner had I written my last post when I found the cause of my C++ problem.  Isn’t that always the way?  I went to sleep thinking I could finish up today.  Unfortunately, today was really hectic in real life so I have only been able to devote an hour to the game.  But atleast now I have a fully functional Component-Entity-System architecture set up so tomorrow I will be able to start developing the actual game.

Pirates of Rogue Basin – day 2

Today went a little more slowly than yesterday. Still managed to finish the planned features before 48 hours were up, if only just. Glad I finished yesterday a couple hours early!

Added fog of war, constantly updating wind, and ship control/movement. Doesn’t really sound like much, but things could now arguably called fun. I call that a pretty big step forward.

The following screenshot is an animated gif. Apparently, you’ve got to click it to view the animation.

Pirates of Rogues Basin gameplay

Tomorrows goals:

  • Actually enter cities (and shops within cities)
  • Generate other ships randomly sailing from port to port
  • Implement crew mechanics (if < minCrew for a given ship, sailing will be hindered)
  • Decrement stats periodically (eat food/drink rum/decrease morale slowly while at sea)