Casket of Deplorables – Days 6 and 7 [ FAIL :-( ]

I decided that as CoD wasn’t going to be on the scale I had envisioned, I would, against all common sense, change the UI from ncurses to something more graphical like SFML  I have never used SFML before.

So that went about as well as you would expect.  One good thing is that I discovered my architecture is sound.  All I had to do is change the render and input systems to use SFML and the Appearance component to use a sprite instead of an ASCII character.  (There would be a screenshot here but I can’t seem to upload it to WordPress for some reason I am too tired to figure out right now.  Maybe tomorrow.)  Fixing the bugs caused due to my lack of experience with the library took a lot of time but I got it done in the end.

Nevertheless, on a scale of 0 to 10 where 0 is resounding failure and 10 is smashing success I’d have to give the game in its current state a 4 and therefore I’m considering it a fail.  The game is basically playable (albeit very boring) it has the essential features of a roguelike such as procedural generation, character progression (barely), and permadeath but I did not achieve my personal goals and it will need some cleanup before I dare show the code to the outside world.

Werewolf: Blood Moon- semi-success

This was my first 7DRL, and I did not get nearly as far as I hoped.

I lost two days due to other obligations, and fatigue eventually wore me down…but I do have a playable game (even if it isn’t very fun right now) and a lot of seeds in place to expand upon the concept.

I used this project to learn Ruby and its ecosystem, and I find I really enjoy the language. I didn’t get a chance to implement half of the things I had planned, but I will continue working on and expanding this. Perhaps I will have something with more polish on my next attempt.

The basic concept is that the player is a werewolf on his last night of lucidity, and he has a choice to revel in his madness or seek a cure. There were a lot of ideas around scent-tracking and predator/prey animal behavior that did not make the sprint. The replay value was to be in the adjustable difficulty, which is present but not fully.

Instead of using libtcod or ROT.js or some other well-established library, I decided to try my hand at writing my own FOV and pathfinding functions. I used BearLibTerminal for output, which I love because of the simplicity with which it handles drawing functions. This cost me a lot of time, but I did learn a lot about scaling algorithms in the process.

Dijkstra maps are really, really handy for movement-based AI. They’re also easy to scale and fast with proper implementation and design.

I enjoyed the sprint, and have a seed of a game to develop to show for it. I feel accomplished, even if disappointed in the end result.


Pirates of Rogue Basin – Post Mortem

Today went about as well as I could’ve possibly hoped. This is my third 7drl, with my first two being successful, to varying degrees.

This year, I dreamt quite a bit bigger, in terms of scope. Rather than just a single gameplay mechanic, like I had in my previous attempts, this yeah has several interesting things going on – perilous sailing, NPCs characters with their own agendas, sea battles, trading and economics, reputation, and skills. I had partially written something similar years ago, over about an 8 month period, but it never got to a point I could call Done (it lacked over half of the above mentioned mechanics). Well, having thought it through a LOT over the past few weeks, I was pretty confident I could get it all done, if everything went to plan.

I took the week off work, and basically spent the entire time working on the game.

After days one and two, I was well ahead of my planned daily milestones. This gave me a strange uncomfortable feeling. Day three, I found out why. Laying out the cities interface was a NIGHTMARE. I spent pretty much 12 hours straight, just wiggling boxes around on the screen, realizing after I’d gotten everything just so that I missed a critical stat in the UI.

Day four, I managed to catch back up a little, but still wasn’t back up to my planned milestones.

In fact, I never got there. The way I planned it out, I gave myself 5 days to get everything in place that I thought of, up front. This would leave me two days for the things that I inevitably forgot to plan (like, in this case, Pirates… see for an example, added on Day 6 🙂 Wouldn’t have been much of a pirates game without them… But there’s a lot to think about, so hopefully I can be forgiven.

I was still adding absolutely essential, core mechanics right up until about two hours before the deadline, and spent the last two hours ironing out the bugs I’d introduced, and not had a chance to test.

Thankfully, I had help from a couple awesome folks – @Break-the-Silence threw down some really awesome graphical tiles, and pulled together a sweet soundtrack and sound effects… The guy’s a wizard with a DAW, and @tmathers tied everything together with the main menu, credits and online high-score functionality.

Too many features added today to list, but, some of the highlights:

  • Cannon Fire!
  • Online leaderboard, displaying your randomly generated Pirate name, and gold that you finished the game with (your score is still registered if you quit)
  • Four separate background music tracks
  • TONS of sweet sound effects
  • Interact with passing captains by setting anchor in an adjacent tile
  • About 20% of generated captains are now Pirates
  • Graphical tiles
  • Consistent colors throughout

Here’s a gameplay gif that ALMOST shows everything… if only I’d bought some cannonballs, I could’ve attacked that passing ship! Alas.

Gelassenheit RL Success

Gimmick: Instead of just identifying items, in this game you also identify inputs/terrain/enemies/UI.

Ascend to the 5th floor to win. Easy/Turn-based modes can be enabled in “options.txt” (recommended if you want to figure out what is going on). “manual.txt” explains the details of the game.

Download for Windows
Download Python 2 source (requires pygame)

Video of me beating the game:

Pirates of Rogue Basin – SUCCESS

MAN, it’s been a crazy busy couple days, but I’m REALLY happy with how things turned out.

I don’t have it in me to do a full post until I’ve eaten some supper, but, I’ll do so in a couple hours.

For now, here’s a screenshot, showing off the awesome artwork @Break-the-silence whipped up for me

The RoguePuzzleGame – Remastered is Out

Hello everyone,
Just finished my first 7DRL game ever 🙂 Its game about killing enemies on grid and forming chain reactions to clear the board.

The game can be played over: