Warp, with blasts

Today, I got working:

  • Zooming and panning. I wanted to avoid this, but it was just too hard to play without it.
  • Mild tuning: Grids are bigger, and gravity effects less intense, leading to fewer confusing click situations.
  • A UI layer (with one button currently) that lets you perform commands right now. (There’s one command: Blasting characters in a certain radius.)

I might have time this weekend to do more thing. Possibly, a basic enemy attack? The ability to hop grids? And then some explanatory text and posting to itch.io. It’s not done, but this has been better than last year’s attempt.

Warp, movement on grid

OK! It’s rough, but characters can now move on the various grids in the game.

To get here, I need to build:

  • Collision detection, which involved a lot of refactoring
  • Sprite rendering (mostly a tool to add transparency and scale sprite sheets from Pico-8)
  • And a little actual procedural generation for the grids and characters

I need to pick what I focus on tomorrow carefully because it’s likely my last solid chunk of time for this. Probably going to let building barriers go for now and work on attacks and the ability to switch grids.

Warp, end of day

Had less time than I thought I would today, but I did at least get in trying out a concept: Grid warping.

Now I need to test the gameplay soundness of this…by making the actual game part. Daycare’s likely closed tomorrow because of the storm, so my day off may be gone, but I’ll try to at least get a guy walking on the intersections.

Warp, Day 1

Starting late, as this was the earliest I could start. To prepare this year, I looked at:

– Pico8: Amazing, but I think drawing curves in it is going to be too difficult with me at my current level of skill with it.

– Bitsy: Nifty, but not going to work.

– Last year’s 7DRL attempt: Overly complex attempts to model everything as objects in order to have simple drawing code. Overly complex update flow.

– Looked at recent Wizard Jam attempt: The bones are probably a good place to start. It was a cellular-automata-based game, but I think the update flows were sensible.

I do have some concepts in mind for this year’s game, but based on my past attempts and my late start, I know they’re not going to come into play. My goal is to have something solid in three days that I can build upon later.

For the next few hours, I’m going to get an update look going and drawing to canvas.


Day 1

I’ve coaxed Construct 2 to act in a “turn based” kinda way with mid-turn animation so the player and monsters (whatever moves) kind of “hops” from tile to tile.

Did some of the pixel graphics ahead of time.

Now tackling persistent dungeons and overall framework.

I hope to get a working playable but empty game with title, really basic menu and 6 pcg dungeon levels you can move up and down persistently.

Basic monster graphics is done for all the colors (3 monsters each), Including the undead faction.

For more info on Turncoat Tomb check out my blogspot posts:



Anyhow break is over…

7DRL 2018 dates announced for 3-11 March

With the dawn of a new year we have a new 7DRL Challenge on the horizon! The Challenge week has been set for 3rd-11th March 2018.

This year we have forgone the usual voting for dates, as it always produces predictable results of the latest date option being chosen. Instead we are now following a rule of trying to hold the challenge in the first full week of March, with an exception being made whenever this clashes with GDC.

More information can be found on the 7DRL 2018 Challenge page.