4 thoughts on “Nya Quest”

  1. Nice turn-based system.
    Move or turn? Feels familiar 😀
    It took my about 5 goes to complete. But it was only after I’d completed it once (avoiding enemies) that I figured out that you could actually kill them without getting hurt, as long as you moved and turned at the right time.
    The second play through was much more enjoyable, trying to kill all the things before completing each level!

    Good job!

  2. thankies! ;D

    Seriously though, I’m glad you got some fun out of it!

    I tend to try killing most of them myself, even though I never added a reason to XD It can sometimes help because otherwise you sometimes get trapped in a room with a whole bunch of them on the last level and death swiftly follows when that happens 😛

    I’ll probably add some monster doors or key drops in ‘Nya Mix’ (aka Nya quest done with proper assets and more content) to reward players maiming mice methinks :3

  3. Watching a little of the video review gave a bit of an advantage going into this first time, I managed to complete it on my first attempt without dying though I did take a couple of hits. I was compelled to kill some of the mice to make life easier, while I had hoped to get through without killing any earning a pacifist achievement in my head 😉 – I saw that I would be in a world of trouble if I were to try that though given the numbers and enclosed spaces of the later levels. Look forward to seeing where this goes next 🙂

  4. Thankies! Glad you enjoyed it even with spoilers :3

    Funny you mention a pacifist achievement because I’d toyed with making attacking mice cause you some minor damage (to encourage players to choose eliminating mice wisely and to represent the fact you just bit a mouse full of cogs and keys and bits of metal XD ) but in the end I found it kind of fun to try and clear the level of mecchu mice, so I left it out.

    that all said, the new Nya game i’m making will probably have some nod to people who manage it without taking any mice out 😀

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