Turncoat Tomb day 6

Targeting based on hate levels works!

When wearing a red coat I no longer target the red monster but the green one.  When my color switches, it picks the appropriate target.   This is for monsters based on how much each color hates each other color.  You will target whoever you want provided they’re not your color.  Monsters will pick a monster of whichever color they hate the most within their line of sight to attack.

Monsters can’t attack their own color and you need to be wearing the appropriate coat to get or use their color weapons and such.

Warp, movement on grid

OK! It’s rough, but characters can now move on the various grids in the game.

To get here, I need to build:

  • Collision detection, which involved a lot of refactoring
  • Sprite rendering (mostly a tool to add transparency and scale sprite sheets from Pico-8)
  • And a little actual procedural generation for the grids and characters

I need to pick what I focus on tomorrow carefully because it’s likely my last solid chunk of time for this. Probably going to let building barriers go for now and work on attacks and the ability to switch grids.

Turncoat Tomb: Day 5

Stop Hitting Yourself!

I had an interesting bug come up yesterday which I called “Stop hitting yorself… stop hitting yourself… why are you hitting yourself?”
Turns out if you program your player to automatically attack anything you bump into, then make the space bar do the standard “rest” thing where you don’t go in any direction… guess who you bump into!   YOURSELF!

My friend who is a biologist interestingly said, “This is a perfect video game analogy for autoimmune disorders. Just saying. Am not a nerd in multiple dimensions- am not!”

It was easily fixed but I did spend a good 10 minutes or so having fun with it and it may turn into a “feature” like a curse or something.  Actually it’s a perfect curse for this game because the theme is all about manipulating the behavior of your fellow denizens –turning them against each other and themselves or rallying them to help fight the real enemy which is the undead of the tomb.

It’s hard to get momentum… to get going.  I put it off by writing things… I’m doing it right now.

Another thing that hinders progress and puts completion at risk is my tendency to add unnecessary but still awesome effect and then spend a ton of time perfecting them instead of adding essential game mechanics.

The blood effect is beautiful if I do say so myself:

OK Back to it…

Warp, end of day

Had less time than I thought I would today, but I did at least get in trying out a concept: Grid warping.

Now I need to test the gameplay soundness of this…by making the actual game part. Daycare’s likely closed tomorrow because of the storm, so my day off may be gone, but I’ll try to at least get a guy walking on the intersections.

Warp, Day 1

Starting late, as this was the earliest I could start. To prepare this year, I looked at:

– Pico8: Amazing, but I think drawing curves in it is going to be too difficult with me at my current level of skill with it.

– Bitsy: Nifty, but not going to work.

– Last year’s 7DRL attempt: Overly complex attempts to model everything as objects in order to have simple drawing code. Overly complex update flow.

– Looked at recent Wizard Jam attempt: The bones are probably a good place to start. It was a cellular-automata-based game, but I think the update flows were sensible.

I do have some concepts in mind for this year’s game, but based on my past attempts and my late start, I know they’re not going to come into play. My goal is to have something solid in three days that I can build upon later.

For the next few hours, I’m going to get an update look going and drawing to canvas.

Turncoat Tomb day 3-4

Turncoat Tomb: Day 3-4

I have basic meelee combat added and the beginnings of an inventory system.

I’ve added “altars” one for each faction.  These have a certain number of total points and for each monster they put out they use up so many turns.  You can see them counting down to the next monster.

Altars will be where you can bring gold to get weapons of that monster color and buy favor with that faction, But only if your coat is that color. that lets you join that faction.  The grey “human” altar just gives you ep (like Sword of Fargoal) and blesses your grey weapons.

Meelee combat produces blood splatters that I’m very pleased with!  It’s no accident that no matter what color the monster is, they all bleed red (except undead).

Also walls become transparent if creatures get behind them.



Turncoat Tomb day 2


#7DRL 2018 Day 2


So far a little slow going.  I’m not where I wanted to be, but hoping for that night time boost I always get.

My method of dealing with development challenges so far can be summed up with this joke:

Patient:  “Hey Doc, it hurts when I do this…”
Doctor: “OK so don’t do that.”

If thine feature offend thee, pluck it out!

It might be called Turncoat tower because you’re actually going up rather than  down stairs.

–and for now it’s a one way trip–

Don’t have time to make dungeons persist and allow going back to previous levels.

So far I’m pretty happy with the graphics! I very quickly threw together the pixel-art-style sprites.  I’m using Construct 2’s built in sprite editor pretty much exclusively for my tiles and entities, along with lighting effects.

Dungeon generator is done (minus items like my nifty animated torch).

All entity graphics are done.  Opening screen is done.  Animated turn based movement is done for player and monsters.

Now for the inventory, level and health, items, targeting and attack mechanics.

Just to show where my head’s at I have a family called “FnEverything”

Guess which objects are in that object family…




Day 1

I’ve coaxed Construct 2 to act in a “turn based” kinda way with mid-turn animation so the player and monsters (whatever moves) kind of “hops” from tile to tile.

Did some of the pixel graphics ahead of time.

Now tackling persistent dungeons and overall framework.

I hope to get a working playable but empty game with title, really basic menu and 6 pcg dungeon levels you can move up and down persistently.

Basic monster graphics is done for all the colors (3 monsters each), Including the undead faction.

For more info on Turncoat Tomb check out my blogspot posts:



Anyhow break is over…