Vicious Orcs – With 50% more Band

I had a goal this year of making a “bigger” roguelike rather than the very focussed ones I had produced previously.  I think, however, I can now say I have a proper higher level goal: to try and make a *Band.

I’m of the Hack tradition so this is a bit of a departure for how I approach things.  It has helped me identify what I needed to add to flesh out the game, however.  Elemental resistances?  Check.  Out of control breeders?  Yep.  Auto-squelch?  Yep.  The most recent is to add a 15 item limit to address one of the common Band resource limits: bag space.  However, thanks to my persistent levels, you need not worry about which one’s you keep, merely which one’s you take from your stash.  Mind you, with the squelch, 15 items is hopefully plenty.  If not I guess I’ll have to just increase it :>

GnomeSquad: Day 4?

Well, I have a central quest (find the king), a winning condition (bring him back to the exit), and a losing condition (you died). One feature that I am enjoying a lot is “recruiting”. Instead of the King simply following you around once you find him, he actually becomes one of your units. (Also everyone hates escort missions right?)

You Lose



Oops... that's a bug! (death by King)
You win! I'm sure the king will reward you somehow.

The new turn-based game engine is finally working. It was a bit awkward at first but I added some “flashing square” notifiers that lets you know when an enemy is about to move and when they have hit you. It takes some time to get used to the idea of monsters having multiple “actions” per keypress. At the end of my turn that Troll is 4 steps away, at the end of HIS turn he is standing next to me giving me a beating.

My hope is that this allows some semi-deep tactical play. Or…. you know it could be utterly utterly horrible. But hey, isn’t that the point of a 7DRL? I will be interested to see if other people can get used to it as quickly as I did.

I think the game is on track for my deadline on Sunday. At least it will be playable! (although if you have a mac and would be willing to help test early let me know, I had problems with that last time.)

DirtBox PreAlpha (Day 5)


Okay, so this isn’t quite a 7DRL entry –

I grew up on roguelikes, ZAngband being a favorite – and I’ve always loved Adam Bolt’s tiles, yet felt they were never done justice. Despite loving to code and spending more time on the Half Life level editor than Half Life itself, I never had the discipline to learn C++ — and I knew better than to try doing anything serious in my languages of choice back then, VB6 and QBasic. Now, at the far more mature age of 23, I’m teaching myself as I go and doing what I always wanted to. I was inspired by a friend’s 7DRL entry, Eronarn’s Glyph, to see what I could accomplish in 7 days of work from knowing no C++ at all. I’d like to think I’m not doing too bad. My hope is that I can bring something new and fresh to roguelikes, being a graphic/UI design professional rather than a compsci type… but ultimately this is about making the roguelike kid-me always wanted to play.

I intend to carry this project on well beyond 7 days – but since 7DRL was what got me moving, I figured it relevant enough to share. The project is codenamed DirtBox, a play on Sandbox games. I probably won’t keep the name, but it’ll do for now.

Wordrogue day 6 updates

Hi everybody!

I’m enjoying reading all your updates 😀 Here are some of mine, keeping it short.

Standing on a p-corpse, who dropped a haiku for us to pick up. Im (@) next to the stairs leading up (>)

Monsters may drop items they stole from the Library of Knowledge, as you beat them into the ground. You can read items that have magical properties, giving you health, experience (xp) and attack/defense bonuses.

Browsing the books in the shelf. The higher we go, the more shelves we see. You can also see the Def +1 bonus here, which I got from a magic inventory item.

latest commits:
– balance item drops a bit more.
– factory to create books and things.
– reading items effect stats! 😀
– read inventory items, which become read items.
– we have inventory! press i to show it, monsters drop items, pick em up.

Balancing is a very tricky part of this! I’m learning so much, and am now very keen to write a full roguelike from my new skills ^^

Notes: I have 1 day left! Being a Friday I can work a little longer on Wordrogue. I need to double-time it: 4 hours to complete engine, logic, mechanics. 2 hours for spit and polish, lots of content I still need to include.

Not giving up just yet!

monkey out!

Herakleophorbia: Time is not on my side

The last two days have been slow going, with issues other than work getting in the way. I think I actually got more done on Tuesday, when I worked a double, than on Wednesday, when I had a short shift. I’m calling off my second shift today, but not in order to work on Herakleophorbia. While I have it off anyway, though, I hope to use the time coding.

Exploration and basic critters, object handling are in. The rest of today: Combat. And if I have time, inventory. That shouldn’t take too much time, since it is simplified by design – you only get one sword and one suit of armor, and if you want them enchanted, you’d better be ready to do it yourself!

In the game, I mean. I’ll do the programming. Hopefully, before Sunday morning.

purestrains devlog day 4/5 (failed)

I’m sad to announce a official failed 7drl before deadline. Please  give it a try and tell me about it – You can’t win, you can’t lose, just wander around, eat some pills, and enjoy the doors.

I’ve uploaded two versions, one withoud midi and the other one with midi (which doesn’t work in my browser…)

The final game starts to take shape!

Today I’ve managed to accomplish quite a bit and although there is still a lot of stuff to do, my 7drl starts to look like a game as there are now multiple levels and the possibility to win in addition to dying! The last level is/will be slightly special, but I don’t want to give out spoilers. 🙂

Furthermore, there is a new item type, new enemies (very few in total though), and “doorway” environment pieces – i.e. passages that only have opening at the base, not all the way up, so you need to look for them a bit more carefully. You can see one on the right side of the pic below.

AI is still very stupid, but rats are now special in that they are afraid of player’s torch – they’ll lurk in the light perimiter waiting for your torch to die out, but won’t attack unless threatened.

The magenta cave in the image is similar to the doorways mentioned above, but special – it’s a portal that’s used for travelling to the next level. I first thought of a spiral staircase downwards or something, but couldn’t easily find nice textures and then it struck me – a cave with a weird color is easy to create and looks awesomely magical. 🙂