Synchronize watches…go go go!

OK, I’m in. But on very short notice, as I only discovered 7DRL when SophieH tweeted her screenshot. Still, I love Rogue and need practice in Unity so I’m gonna see what I can knock up in what little spare time I have. I lean towards story-driven games, so my twist may well be an attempt to procedurally generate a narrative. We’ll see if I have time once the basics are up and running.

It’s 8:40pm on day 1. I’m armed with a laptop, a bottle of mead and a powerful nostalgia for fAngband. See you on the other side!

I’m In!

Been meaning to give 7DRL a go for a while now and this time I’m not letting it pass me by!

anyhoo, been going about 3hrs now and I’ve got a nice script to build me a mesh from level data handed to it, right now the level data itself isnt generated in any clever way (its little more than scribbles really) and the texture sheet needs… well, proper textures. but this is a good start I think!

Oh, I’m using Unity to put my game together in case anyone is curious.


= Wordrogue =

The Evil Spellmaster cast an arcane spell that transformed the literary world into his evil minions, your homeland Lexicon is in trouble! You are Wordrogue, an erudite lover of Lexicon, called upon to rid the Library of Knowledge from these foul, illiterate critters!

You must clear each level of the Library of Knowledge, before ascending to the next, until you reach the very Apex of Knowledge!


This is the basic idea, I’ll be posting updates here, there are rolling updates of my devlog onΒ πŸ™‚

7DRL 2011

I was just informed of this about a week ago by my friend, Josh, the one who posted earlier. Anyway, I decided it sounded like a good opportunity to “show my stuff.” I’d like to think I’m a pretty good programmer, even though I really don’t know any languages. I do, however, get how most languages work. Kinda like world languages: lots of them are similar in structure, you just need to learn all the words. But enough of my ranting. I’m going to get to work.


Does anybody think that a non-combat thing would be good? I was thinking of a survival type thing, where the player needs to find food and avoid disaster, and stuff like that. I thought it was cool, so I wanted to see how much interest it would get.