Didn’t accomplish much today…

So I got a screen full of @ signs… hooray πŸ˜›
Then I got distracted and started playing Dragon Quest VI (awesome game btw), and then working on Star Legacy (the 4X game that I’ve been involved in developing, but haven’t had much time for what with my new job)…
And now someone at my church says the website needs updating, and I volunteered to help with that…
I somehow doubt this roguelike will get far, at least within the timeframe of the challenge… πŸ™

Light in the dark

I started my WebGL based 7drl roughly 10 hours ago and I think I’ve gotten into a quite good start: I’ve got movement, basic collision detection, level loading from an ascii map and basic lighting with multi-light support.

Multi-light system
First day’s results: simple dungeon with lighting

I’ll probably continue by tweaking the shaders for prettier effects and trying to add randomness to those boring cube blocks.

So… What’s a roguelike?

Since I spent most of my first day on UI (even if my game sucks, the UI will be Grand πŸ™‚ ), I can still change my game-idea. So what is the actual definition of being a roguelike? Does it need to be all random and procedural? Does it need to be turn-based? Does it need to have permadeath, or death at all? Does it need to be a crawler/explorer type of game? Wikipedia has some “guidelines”, but nothing concrete.

The reason I ask this, is that my current game-idea has none of the above. But it’s about a character walking around in 2D in ASCII. Does that count, at least?

If not, I’m just going to have to come up with something else with a cool UI πŸ˜›

Program Troubles, But Progress!

Alright, so I was excited to get to work on this game and be well on my way to having a random dungeon generator within a few hours. But no…

Screenshot of results so far after 7 hours:

The first hour I was dreading over how to get a decent system that worked. I tried to use strings to create a dungeon with a large array, but it ended up failing. I realize an hour in that I need to use numbers! So I went with a large array with numbers to fill up the dungeon we would generate. Excellent! Added a virtual X and Y positioning system with the Gamepad within the second hour and called a break. (1 hour nap!) Stream Link:Β http://www.justin.tv/sigonasr2/b/280900473

I then woke up at 3AM and started work for another 2.5 hours. This was a really unproductive time. I tried to get a movement system going with the X and Y positions, but gave up soon after. I tried out the sprite system and got to a point where I created sprites, but it would glitch as the VRAM got consumed. I assume that the PALib sprite functions have memory leaks in them? Or maybe I’m just not using them right…Anyway, I went back to sleep after this session. Stream Link:Β http://www.justin.tv/sigonasr2/b/280908168

3 Hour Session Β started at 10AM when I woke up. I tried to fix up the sprite system…After about 2 hours of tinkering with it, I said screw it, going with ASCII! So I dumped everything that I did with the sprites and went back to the engine I backed up with just the movement system. I successfully created the dungeon tile movement after a few tries and at the very end I also added in the tile checking functions in order to see what’s next to me and such. Stream Link:Β http://www.justin.tv/sigonasr2/b/280931967

So far so good, I’m not exactly on schedule, but I have learned quite a bit so far. The coming few hours should be much more successful, had a weak start, but I can do it! I can’t believe it’s already 14 hours into 7DRL!

You can stay updated with me when I run my live stream at http://mydesktop.tk. For Windows Users, I updated the countdown to include a percentage, to give you an idea of how much of the roguelike is supposed to be done as time goes on. http://sigonasr2.servegame.org/uploader/multi-file-uploader/uploads/7DRL_Countdown.exe

Synchronize watches…go go go!

OK, I’m in. But on very short notice, as I only discovered 7DRL when SophieH tweeted her screenshot. Still, I love Rogue and need practice in Unity so I’m gonna see what I can knock up in what little spare time I have. I lean towards story-driven games, so my twist may well be an attempt to procedurally generate a narrative. We’ll see if I have time once the basics are up and running.

It’s 8:40pm on day 1. I’m armed with a laptop, a bottle of mead and a powerful nostalgia for fAngband. See you on the other side!