Decision to Participate

As a newcomer to 7DRL but not roguelikes, I will be participating this year.

I have decided I would develop with C using devkitpro / PALib as the library for building for the Nintendo DS. The reason why I chose this platform is for the same reason that I decided to get into roguelikes. It is a portable solution to take anywhere and play when I need some dungeon fun. I started playing POWDER because of this, and it was fun.

Anyways, as my first time making a 7-day roguelike, I decided I would stick with a simple concept, not. I still have not come up with the idea completely, but hopefully I’ll have something by Saturday because that’s when it obviously starts! It’ll be a fun coding challenge and I hope that with this my programming experience will be enhanced ten-fold.

Cannot wait to see how it turns out, I guess I will end up posting daily outcomes as may others.

My 7drl: Unstoppable 2

I feel like I’m cheating a little by making a sequel to my 4drl from the October 4DRL competition.  But… I just don’t have time for anything more.  With a house move and being away near half the week I’m not sure I’ll even get 3 days to make the sequel game (which with the work on the original would add up to 7 days  😉 ).

The sequel shall be called UNSTOPPABLE 2: Beyond Infinity. New features planned:
* Infinite levels
* High score system (I’ve never done that before)
* Char dumps on death (again new for me)
* Save system?  (never done before, so not sure how easily I can learn in what hours I can spare)
* Vastly revamped interface to make it more arcade shooter style
* Player power-up abilities collected from dead enemies (essentially items – again new for me, but it should be simplistic enough to be almost trivial in implementation)
* New constructor behaviours and varying level sizes
* Original story mode as an option with its own high score, if I get time
* Various other ideas that come to me during the week  🙂

Best of luck to everyone taking part – the biggest fun is always getting to play all the other games at the end  🙂

My venture: “Fear of the Dark” (or something)

Last year I made a successful 7DRL called City of the Condemned (link) and I originally thought to make a multiplayer version 2 this year, but I’ve changed my mind and am planning to do something completely different.

My idea is to create a very simple, short and straight-forward roguelike, but do as much of it as possible with OpenGL shaders  as I want to learn more GLSL. Now I’m probably not going to break the tradition too much as the player and monsters are most likely still going to be letters and the view is more or less top-down, but I plan to do something nice looking with lighting and walls.

As with almost all of my coding, I shall use C++ as the programming language, Git as version control, CMake as build system and the thing will be open-source and cross-platform, with binaries for Linux and Windows (I don’t have a Mac and cross-compiling for it is close to impossible 🙁 )

Time travelling RL

I am going to make a roguelike that incorporates time travel.  I am developing a time travel engine, to use with my 7DRL.  I decided to advertise it instead of keeping it as a spoiler
More information can be found here, let the time turning begin!
P.S. Thanks for all of the posts guys, its inspiring me to continue with the project!

Our first roguelike!

Hi there,

we (Jana and Friedrich) are the Rat King, and we never ever did a roguelike. I can’t say we play them much, either. This will be interesting, at least for us. 😉

Our weapon of choice will be Unity, so it’s gonna be 3D, and we are thinking about making a roguelike which resembles (tile-based) board games, like “Carcassonne”. Of course, “Hero Quest” might be a big influence, too.

We want to try to implement some plot, but it might get pretty cliché-ridden – you will be a dwarf who discovers that unspeakable horrors found their way through the mountains in which your people and other creatures live.

My idea: Into the Darkness

So here I am, my fourth year entering the 7drl challenge… twice I have succeeded in producing something resembling a roguelike (Decimation and Smash Arena being my successful entries), and once I have failed (Rogue Battalion)…

I’m thinking of creating a game where everything is based on color, and the goal of the game is to light up the entire map in white. Each color (red, green, and blue) will represent some positive attribute (say, Red=Might, Green=Vitality, Blue=Creativity), and starting the game the player will be able to choose one of three beings to play as, each with its own strengths and weaknesses in the various attributes. (Say, each being could have two of the attributes in abundance, and one being lacking, or for a real challenge, each being could have only one attribute in abundance and two lacking!)

So each tile on the map will have a color, and that tile’s RGB values will determine the three attributes of the tile; tiles with less of an attribute will be more dangerous for the player! Yes, I’m hoping to be able to play on a “map” generated from a bitmap image!

The enemies of course will then be creatures of darkness, spawned from dark tiles and attempting to spread darkness; the player’s job will be to eliminate these creatures of darkness and bring light to the entire map. To make the game more challenging, as time progresses, the darkness will grow stronger, spawning more and more evil creatures, despite being confined to a smaller area of the map as the player spreads light. But if the player dies, all is not lost – this game will be a bit like Dragon Quest, in that you will only suffer a small setback if you die!

There should also be NPC characters which are neutral creatures; they should be able to be “possessed” by the evil creatures; the player should then be able to drive the evil creatures out and win over the neutral creatures to the cause of light, so that they can help him spread light to the map.

The player’s abilities will depend on his attributes – for instance, if the player’s Might attribute is high, he will be good at fighting the evil creatures, whereas if his Vitality is high, he will be good at resisting attacks, and if his Creativity is high, he will be good at winning over and converting allies from among the NPC’s!

You might wonder where I’m going with this crazy idea… All will be revealed in due time! I just hope I can pull this off…