7DRL 2013 ran from March 9th to March 17th, with an astounding 340+ entries. A finalised list of success is not yet available, but you can keep find most at


7DRLC 2012 ran from Saturday, March 10th to Sunday, March 18th.

Thanks to Björn Ritzl over at Peeks and Pokes for this list. Post a comment if you want your roguelike to be added or details to be changed.

Successful 7DRLs


Unaccounted For

  • Backwoods by William Fehling
  • Bullet Hell RL by Daniel Miller


This is not a full list of all the roguelikes that were made during 7DRLC 2011. If you would like yours to be added, or your details to be changed, please leave a comment on this page! See “7DRL Contest 2011” on RogueBasin for a more comprehensive list.

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  1. Here are some of the 2011 7DRLs I’ve been able to find so far. Obvious the list is really incomplete now, so please let me know about your roguelike so I can add it! If you’d like your name to be shown differently, or if you have a different URL for your roguelike, again, just tell me.

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