Running Late on my 7DRL Entry
view to a kill

I’m making a third person 3d action shooty roguelike, but the deadline snuck up fast. I’ve done quite a bit of work on it so it should be finished soon. If you’re interested, you can track the dev on my Twitter profile here @Doomlaser.

Big Brain is very thoughtful.

Great competition again, everyone. This is my first 7drl, but I’ve had a lot of fun seeing everyone work on their games through the week.

The game has a page on itchio here.



Day 1

I’ve coaxed Construct 2 to act in a “turn based” kinda way with mid-turn animation so the player and monsters (whatever moves) kind of “hops” from tile to tile.

Did some of the pixel graphics ahead of time.

Now tackling persistent dungeons and overall framework.

I hope to get a working playable but empty game with title, really basic menu and 6 pcg dungeon levels you can move up and down persistently.

Basic monster graphics is done for all the colors (3 monsters each), Including the undead faction.

For more info on Turncoat Tomb check out my blogspot posts:

Anyhow break is over…