Chitinous Crooks: Success


Play in a browser now.

Well, this was my first time doing the 7DRL Challenge. In fact, it was my first time making a game. I didn’t plan anything for this in advance, and was actually caught by surprise when I realized it was 7DRL Challenge week, but I decided to go for it. And it seems like it turned out okay.

Chitinous Crooks is a very traditional roguelike in both gameplay and aesthetics. But you have no experience levels or items to help you, just a random set of god-granted abilities. Each dungeon level, you can use up to three of these, and every time you pass a level your health is restored and you gain additional abilities to choose from.

Special thanks goes to rot.js and the tutorial at the Coding Cookies blog.

Good Points

  • Fight lobsterfolk and crabfolk in an underwater fortress.
  • You can win or lose.
  • A variety of special abilities.
  • In game help screens.
  • I added touchscreen support on the last day. It’s not perfect but it even works on some tablets.

Room for Improvement and Things I Had to Cut for Time

  • I wanted some dungeon decorations. Lobsterfolk statues, moulted exoskeletons and other things to give the Sunken Citadel more atmosphere and less boxy-roomness.
  • Some nice lofi tile graphics would also have been nice.
  • Tweaking difficulty. Sometimes it feels pretty hard but other times it feels too easy. I wonder if I could even that out.
  • I’m sure there are bugs I missed. There are always bugs.

Random Action Arena Completed

Random Action Arena has been completed, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. There’s a procedurally generated arena and randomly spawning enemies for action.

Learning from last years mild debacle of a gamejam – and the first one I had ever taken part in – I decided to keep things simple this time round. You spawn, blue enemies do melee attacks, red enemies do ranged attacks. You’ve a choice of single or twin stick style input, but my advice would be to avoid single stick. You’ve a standard shot, special heavy attack and speed boost, the latter two recharge, as does health. The more enemies you kill the more time increases, the more time increases the enemies spawn. I could have kept tweaking to get better dynamic avoidance of my Ai but I’ve come down with the lurgy so we will leave this as they are.



All created with Open Source/Freeware apps: Torque3D MIT, Blender.

Chess+ Day Two

Dungeon generation is complete and bug-free! I’m now working on spawning the appropriate enemies and getting the game loop down.

It’s even harder to see the checkerboard styling against that dark grey Unity background when your map is zoomed out, but here’s a Very Large Dungeon (much larger than any level I’d want to play) with a more traditional wall/floor coloring.

Chess+ Day One

This is my first 7DRL, though I’ve done a few other game jams in the past, and a couple roguelikes on my own time (doing a roguelike is basically a rite of passage for game devs, right?).

I got the idea and started making it at midnight, so I’ll be finished by midnight on March 14, central time. Working on dungeon generation today:

Got a few bugs, as you can see, but hopefully I’ll get this done today and start in on the really fun stuff tomorrow.

Legend of Tower – Day 7

screenshotSorry I didn’t have a lot of words this year. Only two posts and they’re pretty brief. Mike and I did a one week sprint and did probably about a month’s worth of work in that time. Unfortunately, it’s not a Roguelike. But it’s still rather fun and the framework and engine are all really solid. Please, try it out!

WASD + Mouse – Move
1,2,3,4 – Use item, Pick up item, Open/Close Doors
Hold 1,2,3,4 – Drop item

Please look around and see the results of our effort.