7DRL 2014: Poachers Will Be Decapitated!

Poachers Will Be Decapitated!
Decades of exploitation by “adventurers” have left many species such as Orcs, Kobolds, and Trolls in danger of extinction. The monstrous dragon Uozeni, who once burnt your family and your village to cinders, lurks at the bottom of a previously undiscovered cave.
Populations here are much stronger than elsewhere, and the Society for Conservation and Ecology of Dungeons are protecting the inhabitants in the hope that they can later be reintroduced to other locations. Adventuring is restricted by strict limits on killing and looting, which are enforced by the Rangers, Inspectors, and Castigators of SCED.
These kill limits aren’t nearly enough to sustain a traditional approach to dungeon adventuring. To avenge yourself on Uozeni, will you work within the rules, subvert them with stealth, or publicly flout them?
Remember: SCEDRIC decapitates poachers!

I’ll cross-post updates here, on RogueTemple, and on my blog (kleinroguelikes.blogspot.com).

I’ll be writing in C++, using BearLibTerminal for display and my own library Griddle for back-end tasks like map topology, actor management, FoV, and pathfinding. I’ve written some experiments in map generation and general use of BearLibTerminal and Griddle, and a lot of their code will probably be used in the 7DRL. Source for the game will be released as usual.

Griddle is intended to be reusable in a wide variety of grid-based games, enabling effects like seamless travel between map chunks and rotation of player perspective. It makes heavy use of template metaprogramming and is currently a header-only library. Once it has a more stable and well-organised API I’ll try to release it as a compiled library that can be used from other languages. That way it can usher in a new golden age of ridiculously disorienting maps cobbled together from rectangles and glue. With a side order of smoke and mirrors.

Skool Eskape (7DRL 2013) New Version

Hi there!

My friend Jay and I made the Skool Eskape, one of the completed 7DRL 2013 entries. Some of you may have heard of it (It got an average score of 2.11, so not too shabby.)

Anyway, we’ve gone back to it now and then over the last few months, making some tweaks here and there and we’re interested in getting some feedback on the changes we’ve made. If any of you would be interested in playing it and letting us know what you think it would be much appreciated. You can access the game at:


The game is playable on desktop or mobile devices. Some info you might need to play: You have to make your way through 20 levels to beat the game. As you progress through the game, new enemies are gradually added in, making for a total of 3 enemies (Principal, Vice Principal and Janitor) you have to contend with to reach the exit.

There are now 3 items in total, including the chalk. Using chalk creates a chalk clound in a 1 square radius around you that will stun any enemy it touches for 5 turns, allowing you to pass through them to sneak by. Invisibility is fairly self explanatory, as the enemies will be unable to see you for I think it’s 10 turns (can’t remember off the top of my head, lol). Stink bombs create a cloud in a 5 square radius that will cause enemies to run away from the smell, and won’t enter the cloud. I believe this item lasts for 5 turns as well. You can pickup new items by walking over the chests placed randomly in the levels, but can only carry a maximum of 3 of each item.

Keyboard controls are arrow/numpad keys. You can move diagonally, but the enemies can’t. We are thinking about removing the diagonal movement which is why it’s not mentioned in the controls. You press ‘c’ to use chalk, ‘i’ for invisibility and ‘b’ for stink bombs. You can also press ‘f’ for full screen, and ‘s’ to turn sound on/off.

For mobile controls, you move by swiping up/down/left/right on the screen. To use items or turn sound on/off, touch the name on the status bar at the bottom of the screen. The audio might not work on Android. We’ve been having problems with that, so if someone has some experience in developing HTML5 games on Android and have some suggestions, they are most welcome. ūüôā

Anyway, sorry for the long post. If you’d care to leave feedback, please leave it here or email me at scott [dot] greig [at] gmail [dot] com or message me on g+ I guess. Thanks for your time!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the game won’t work in Internet Explorer. You just get the Loading screen and nothing happens. It does work in Chrome and Safari however, so please use one of those browsers instead. The standalone version will work just fine on any computer, but we’re not releasing that until we’ve had some more playtester feedback.

SkullDorado – Video Review

The Game Hunter has reviewed SkullDorado! Aside from a little hiccup in the beginning due to not having the instructions for the controls (because I couldn’t bundle it with an apk meant for running on phones) this is a really good review. He does discover a minor bug that I didn’t know about and doesn’t figure out how to close doors until near the end, but I think overall he had a proper first-time run and gives the game a fair review.

I suppose if he didn’t, I wouldn’t be sharing his video everywhere. I have to give him props for figuring out a good way of running the game on a computer and now I’m considering adding controls so that if a keyboard is present, that the user can use them instead of having to swipe.

Attack The Geth – A Mass Effect Universe Roguelike

Finished it!

That Geth Prime is going down!
That Geth Prime is going down!

Much like Mass Effect’s multiplayer mode, it’s about surviving as long as you can.

As you kill enemies you gain experience which you can use to upgrade your robot between waves or after death.

Enjoy ūüėÄ



SkullDorado – Day 7


12:00 noon on Sunday and I’m calling it complete on Day 7 for SkullDorado.

Yes, it’s 8 hours early, but I’ve been spinning my wheels for a little bit because tragedy struck and I was unable to get the inventory working in a satisfactory state. So, instead of running myself into the ground today and getting frustrated on top of the fatigue of programming for a week straight (+2 extra days for the NASA-Ames programming jam) I decided to crunch in the last missing pieces of the game and make sure that everything works. And it does. (Send me bug reports if you come across any!)

device-2013-03-17-110806While researching jungle ruins you’ve come across mention of a glorious empire, the capitol of which was a massive city of gold. And the only clues to this¬†wondrous place is inscribed into idols shaped as skulls of solid gold, left littered around the ancient temples constructed by this empire. Making camp, you set off to discover and bring back these golden idols hoping that each one will bring you closer to finding the fabled city and wealth unimaginable.

Controls are simple, just swipe a direction to move. Tap to wait or to use an item you’ve picked up. You can carry three items, plus the idol if you’ve found it. Return to the camp with an idol to move on to the next set of ruins. Doors can be closed by tapping/waiting while standing next to them. Helpful if you’ve just opened into a room populated by fast and dangerous jaguars.

device-2013-03-17-114016Even though I may have not gotten everything I had planned into the game, I feel really proud of having a full and complete game. And I did leaps and bounds over my entry from last year. Two enemies and ranged combat in general had to be removed due to the Inventory system not working out in time, and the new map generation code ended up being too risky of an addition at this stage for the amount of testing it would’ve taken. I think those are my biggest regrets.

One conscious removal after playing around with the game is that the memory map feature (not being able to see any space you hadn’t already seen) turned out to be too much of a hindrance when guessing where to go. SkullDorado is dangerous enough that being able to plan ¬†where you might want to go seemed like a better play experience then having to explore out the whole thing. Though, it also makes it a little harder in that you have to remember where your camp is after you find the idol!

Next year, I’ll have to try and finish all the systems even earlier. I have a habit of trying to make a game look good before the core systems are finished and while doing that certainly hurt me last year, this year I was better prepared for it, but I still ended up not fully completing what I needed to. I certainly had more time than last year, as I planned my team and project specs out much better, so that’s a positive!

I hope that everyone who tries SkullDorado out enjoys it, and please send me any feedback, positive or negative. A helpful critique last year really pushed me to better design my control scheme for this year, for instance.


7DRL Success: Rogue City Scavenger


Download Here: www.numeronreactor.com

In a violent city under siege by a deadly sickness, you are a stranded CDC agent fighting to find the source before its too late. Explore an open city looking to repair the portal into the quarantine zone, and from there figure out what caused all this madness. Many factions want you dead – The plant-like infected, the authoritative Cyan Security police force, the iron fisted Redbolt electric company, and the many roaming gangs. Worst of them all – an enormous invulnerable monster tracking your every step!


Hello everyone, my name is Numeron and this is my 6th successful 7 day roguelike. I used  the same base engine as I have the last two years, and many of the same art assets, although I spend a considerable amount of time creating new graphics.

This time round has probably been the most work I’ve ever done in such a short period. I mentioned onRoguelike Radio that I was concerned that my scope increases would eventually get the better of me – This year I very nearly didn’t finish despite 13 hour work days, but thanks to a 32 hour marathon at the end, I squeezed it out at the last minute…¬†The sheer number of non-interactable¬†assets is¬†phenomenal¬† and though it was a ton of work I think the end product looks amazing. I had some neat code which displays a random image for a map object based on the hash of the tile. This means that even though there are a whole bunch of different looking graffiti / trashcans / whatever, there is often only one object behind it all, and that¬†definitely¬†streamlined getting all the assets in. I think in preparation for next year I will be sure to try to streamline many more map generation processes in my engine so that there are even fewer bottle necks between drawing an image and getting it into the game as scenery.

One difference from last year is that I am no longer using Slick for graphics, having upgraded to LibGDX. In previous years, there were a lot of people who¬†couldn’t¬†get the game to run because of OpenGL problems. Many of these problems I¬†believe¬†stem not only from some of Slicks poor use, but also from crappy drivers that¬†don’t¬†work well with OpenGL 2.0… I am no longer using 2.0 (losing FBO’s was a pain but I worked though it) so a lot more people should be able to run the game this year.

So don your gas masks and prepare to enter the quarantine zone! I hope everyone enjoys this game as much as I enjoyed making it!


SkullDorado – Day 6

device-2013-03-16-1944168:00pm on¬†Saturday and now there’s only 24 hours left for SkullDorado!

I did a lot of the UI changes and fixed the map errors from yesterday. Also, items now work! Those odd squares at the bottom of the screen are item boxes. The left ones are your inventory, with the one off to the side on the right is whatever item is on the ground in the space you’re standing. Tapping the buttons highlights them in yellow and tapping a different button swaps the items in the two spaces. And tapping the same item twice uses the item. It’s pretty slick. Hopefully I have some time to return to the code so it’ll auto-detect when you’re grabbing an item off the ground and if you have any empty inventory spaces it’ll automatically fill one of those spaces.

Honestly I feel like I’ve just about this wrapped up. I’ll certainly have some time for polish and bug fixing. I’ve seen the game running on a tablet in person and there’s an issue on new devices without hardware buttons where the back/menu/home keys will overlap the item boxes a little. It doesn’t detriment gameplay, it’s just a little annoying and I’ll have to come up with a solution, since players will need access to those buttons in some way.

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mmoRL – Massively Multiplayer Online Roguelike – COMPLETE!

It’s done!


mmoRL screenshots

mmoRL is a massively multiplayer online roguelike game. You log in to a central server and play together with other players on the server. The overworld is a safe area and everything there happens in realtime, but the dungeons and other non-safe zones are turn-based and unique per player; you will not find other players in your dungeons. However, in the overworld you can choose to party up with other players, and when you are in a party, you will visit the party leader’s dungeons instead of your own – together with the other players in your party.

The game runs under Windows (.NET) and Linux (Mono). Download it at http://vdzserver.org/games/mmorl.html (only ~100 KB)

(mmoRL is public domain under a CC0 license. See here for details. Long story short, you are free to do whatever you want with the game or its code without any obligations.)