Deathdealer — Success!

My entry into the 2015 Seven-Day Roguelike Challenge is complete! Deathdealer, an arena combat roguelike with trading card game mechanics, is finished and available for you to play.Deathdealer_screenshot


  • Survive as long as possible against endless waves of fiendishly difficult enemies
  • Mix and match three schools of magic
  • Customize your character’s deck from 69 different cards
  • Vanquish 32 types of enemies, including 6 absurdly lethal boss monsters
  • Unlock new cards every 5 waves to expand your capabilities
  • Simple controls make the game easy to play
  • Advanced ASCII graphics technology for a modern user experience


  • WASD, arrow keys, or vi-keys to move or use menus
  • 1-7 to cast spells from your hand
  • Tab to view enemy information
  • Spacebar or period to wait one turn, to make selections in menus, or to exit the deck builder
  • + and – to add or remove cards from your deck
  • Escape to quit

Known Bugs:

  • Enemy pathfinding is rather weak.
  • Minimum deck size of 20 cards is not enforced, and issues may occur with decks of 7 or fewer cards; please make your decks contain at least 20 cards.
  • No in-game help is available.
  • Completely untested on any platforms other than Mac OS X.

Download Deathdealer for Mac OS X here, or the python source (for any platform with Python) here.

Late start, early finish!

Hi all! This year i’m quite busy so i’ll enter with a quick & dirty entry.

Download here [source, makefile and macos build]


Write a list of action [like ‘ddssw’] to plan your moves to reach the exit.

Hit enter when you’re happy and watch the result.

Supported action:

  • w go nort
  • s go south
  • a go west
  • d go east
  • q quit

Map legend:

  • . floor
  • # wall
  • > exit to next level
  • M monster

Bump into a monster to kill them and lose 1 HP.

Happy crawling …. DOCTORS!

Husk: Day III & IV

Last night I finished what should be the last of the framework code and merged it into master, bringing my codebase close to 15k lines before any 7DRL-specific code. Unfortunately, this means that I’ve fallen behind on my timeline and am only just now where I wanted to be at the end of the second day. The next three days are going to require a lot of hard work if I want to get a reasonably good game out there. Unfortunately, I won’t have all of them available as I have to work on part of Friday and have a guest arriving that night. We’ll see what I can manage to turn out…

Husk: Day II

Yesterday was also pretty uneventful because I had to spend the day mostly writing framework-level code. However, the framework’s functionality is now back to about where it was last 7DRL (but much more extensible).

My job today is getting the existing combat implementation back to functional levels. The system already supports some really fancy stuff, like locational damage and multiple attacks. If I have time after getting combat to a working state, I’ll probably get AI working again (it’s been disabled for quite a while).

Husk: Day I

Not a very eventful first day. I’m using my own framework for this, but I’m in the middle of some major architectural work on it that I didn’t have time to finish. You can move around and inspect actors, but a lot of basic functionality is only sort-of-implemented. After some initial setup of the game folder, I delved right into committing to a separate branch off of master for making the framework more operational. Hopefully that will be done with in a day or two…

Waaaghammer Updated (04 version + Tile “support”

I have finally gotten around to uploading another bug-fix binary.

I have fixed the remaining known crash bug when wielding weapons (AI or player) as well as a few other combat issues.

Plus I added TILE “support”. Tiles are supported but I don’t have very good ones (except for the excellent squig ones :p ). (I forgot to add ammo tiles, so the are just a white selection box)

Thanks to “arthandas9” for some ideas/bugs/support.

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So I have posted elsewhere but here goes for prosperity 🙂  I have a later bugfix up now 🙂 Homepage here

You play an orc who awakes confused and disoriented into the world.  Find your way in orc society and  meet your destiny, or die trying.

The game has 10 areas to explore.

Two separate playing methods, Dirty Fighter or Squig Master.  Once every level you can unleash a WAAAGH.

Homepage here Windows binary but source available.