STRIVE – success

STRIVE is a game I made out of my love for shooters like Doom and Serious Sam. They bring a certain mix of strategy to combat that I adore. Key features are an array of diverse weaponry and enemies, where target prioritisation, positioning and using the right weapon on the right enemy is important to survive. This is the core mechanic of STRIVE.

After a week of head-on development I can finally say it’s finished!


  • animated combat and gore
  • an array of interesing weapons, items and enemies
  • an increasing number of enemy hordes (rack up hundreds of kills!)

I am very pleased with the result myself, even though at times it felt like an uphill battle (blame my self-taught C++ antics). The game runs well and people have been enjoying it already! This is my first entry to the 7DRL challenge but it certainly won’t be my last.

The game is available on Windows.

You can download it here:



The game uses SDL and The Doryen Library.
Spritesheet was made by Alloy (found on

Day 4: Gameplay starts to emerge

Today I’ve managed to add different enemies and simple combat (it is possible to kill monsters and also die) and torch/item management (torch can be toggled on/off, it will only last 60 seconds after which it will automatically go off; there are limited supply of torches, but some can be picked up around the dungeon). These new features are a bit preliminary and quite hacky/messy, but it’s progress. I’ve also added some UI elements around the game canvas using HTML and CSS.

In addition to working on the gameplay, I added a pretty useless and crazy, but fun feature: You can press ‘l’ to “look around” – in first person mode, lol. See pic below. Note that the actual gameplay is still top-down.

First-person look-around mode
First-person look-around mode

Now I really need to come up with a name – suggestions welcomed.

If you want to take it for a test drive, guide your browser here.