Drawgeon – day 4

Or maybe 5/6 of the 7DRL, I’m lost on the timeline (need explanations ? read HERE).drawgeon2No so much going on yesterday.

I put the basis of gameplay on the game (draw card, put on a hand, allow players to change position of the cards on the hand).
The “red cards” are the one to be used for combat (in that case, 2 Heal cards).

Don’t think I will progress much today (LOTS of things going on for the studio I work for).
Let’s hope I find some time to wrap up a nice combat gameplay, and much more events/monsters !

See  ya !

Drawgeon : a card game RL (day 1-3)

First time trying out the 7DRL Challenge and I started it wrong.

Monday,  1 P.M. (in France), I started my project. Two days after the beginning. It was shiny for first time in months so that’s my excuse for the delay !

Now back to the game.


I’m part of SillyCat Studio, an indie game developer, and we are working on our first game (which wasn’t a student project, I mean) for months now. Struggling on some part of it, several new prototypes are being made, and I wanted to take some fresh air by started a side project. 7DRL happened right on time (two days later I would have prefered tho).

Drawgeon, that’s its name, is is a(n attempt to make a) card game RL.
At least it will be beautiful, I’m using some assets of our game.

Day one was about trying to figure out what I will do with a card game RL concept and trying some UI stuff (I’m working on Unity).
I’m a big fan of Tabletop game and card game, so I figured I could use something from that.

As a rogue like, you’ll have to explore some dungeons, kill some monsters, loot some treasure and probably die a lot.
Every dungeon is a pile of cards (ending with a boss fight) and each draw leads to an event, fight or not. For combat, you have your own deck, containing actions to display during fights.
Let’s start !

DAY 2 (4 of 7DRL in fact)

Yesterday was List<Day>.
A lot of lists to make and fullfill. I started with the dungeon generator.
It’s a list of cards (GameObject), each floor leads to drawing a card from this list and DoSomething().
I choose to add a boss fight to every dungeon I’ll make. Just some tweaks to implement in my Shuffle function to always add a special event to the bottom (or the highest number in my list, cards draw from 0 to X).

The gameplay for now is :
– clic to START
– clic to the pile of event to draw an EVENT
– clic to the event to resolve it (I started with 2 events : a trap – 2 damages for the hero – and a fight)
– if it’s a fight : hero damages the enemy with POWER stat, same in the other way. First to 0 die 😀
– End of Dungeon : Start again.

DAY 3 (March 12th)

I have kind of a gameplay loop. Actually more like a “clic clic clic” loop.
Time to start the real deal.

This is what I want to do for Drawgeon (the more I write it, the more I find it ridiculous :D).
Each turn, you draw X cards (based on INT stat).
You can manage your hand (swipe card[1] with card [3] for ex) before attacking.
The attack will read, from left to right, X cards (based on ATK stat) and execute this cards. Damages, heal, some gold or advanced stuff (like x2 your next card).

Cards are not used, they stay in your hand for your next turn.
But if you draw too much cards, they will replaced, from left to right, your hand.
A mage (hight INT) will draw a lot but have a little attack.
A warrior (hight ATK) will draw few cards but use them a lot.

I’m currently scripting this battle mode. It’s the big piece !

More news tomorrow ! (hope it will be done^^)