SkullDorado – Day 5

device-2013-03-15-1923278:00pm on Friday and Happy Birthday to me, it’s the end of SkullDorado Day 5!

As might be evident from the screenshot, things are not looking good right now. I probably should’ve took a screenshot earlier when things were still looking good, but oops! Needless to say, I’ve been working on map generation and in doing so, I decided to rewrite some of the map code itself and now everything is in shambles! Not to worry, I’m working on it, I just couldn’t get it working by the 8pm deadline. It makes me sort of wonder if choosing 8pm as my start/end time was a good idea.

In any case, all that’s left after this gets working is to finish the items stuff, come up with a title screen, change the UI around a little, and with two weekend days to go, I’m still confident that this’ll get done and be good and fun. Right now I’m still in the phase of the 7DRL where I’m thinking “you know, I could do a lot of work on this after the 7DRL is done,” but I also know that I hardly touched 2419RL from last year, so all I can really tell myself is “we’ll see.”

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