Hireling is ready to retire – 7drl 2017

So, next year, next 7drl. I’d say 2017 is a bit exeptional for me. At first, I was planning to take break on 7drls this year… But I got interesting idea and I didn’t manage to resist.


I used to work with python, and well-known roguebasin python+libtcod tutorial’s architecture. First time, in 2013, I was learning about writing roguelike game – Jotaf’s creation is great for starting project. Also, it’s decent architecture which just works, I was introducing own changes to the core of, say, engine. Just it, that codebase base is really good foundation for 7drl.


But, this year, I decided to change something. I’m going to use Go programming language, and make whole project open source. Hireling… will be my first big project in Go, so it’s more than likely that sources will be full of spaghetti and unidiomatic code. Altought, there are very small amount of Go games, so I hope that open sourcing my 7drl have some sense. Also, this language is great for multi-platform support, so I’m gonna release Windows version as well as Linux and OSX build. It’s possible that I’ll make builds for another OS’s, but I can’t guarantee that they are going to work in proper way.


But, what Hireling is ready to retire is gonna be? I have plan to make roguelike and interactive fiction crossover. Text interface, lots of descriptions (I’m cooperating with Kuba ‘coran’ Kowalik due his high English skills), maybe some ASCII art. 5 levels of dungeon, overworld city, hack and slash, some simple randomly generated quests. Nothing really big and unrealistic – I hope that the scope is small enough for 7drl, it’s my weak point.


I took inspiration from IF-roguelike Kerkerkruip (such a great game!), Mordor / Demise dungeon crawler games, and my old, unreleased Witcher-inspired project (which was inspired by good, old Darklands). I’m going to use some previously written code – parts about terminal handling (cross-platform text coloring, clearing terminal, etc). If I’d use ASCII art, probably most of them also were created some time ago. All mechanics and other game-specific content will be created from scratch. I’m going to post updates on my facebook page.


I’m really tired (and a bit drunk) now (1 PM here), so – I’ll start tomorrow. Also, I’m sorry for all mistakes and grammar errors, my English is a bit (?) rusty, unfortunately.

Good luck to all participiants!