Rogue Academy – slow start no finish

RL also stands for Real Life.

The plan was a computer/miniatures hybrid for Star Wars X-Wing solo play. I knew it was going to be a tight week, fitting #7drl in with work and family commitments. As it is I have most of the components, but no time to assemble these into a whole. However, the cards and board elements are fleshed out, pending game balance and play testing, which is more lengthy than software testing would be. Maybe a hybrid was too ambitious for a first week long challenge? I’ll definitely finish this, with HTML5 as the backbone for the computer moderated component, hopefully by the end of the month. So, technically a fail, but an interesting start


Don’t try to do too much, learn new languages, at a busy time 🙁

7DRL submission: Cutpurse Castle

Here’s my final version of CUTPURSE CASTLE.
A very simple HTML5 roguelike. CLICK TO PLAY!

Cutpurse Castle

Cutpurse Castle:
A mini roguelike made for the #7DRL challenge.
Code: McFunkypants
Art: Sjolund,Sharm,Hugh,ZeroProject

Creep your way through the castle using the arrow keys. Collect vast amounts of treasure. Avoid getting caught by the guards. Use the arrow keys to move. Choose your route wisely – and don’t get too greedy!


Peli – Day 6.9 – AI, gameplay and polish


Play it now, or poke around the source code.

Took the day off work to blast through my wish list on Peli. It was a wise choice. Implemented AI, items and weapons, damage system, combat indicators, intro/death/exit screens, music and sound effects. Phew. There’s definitely strategy involved when you play now – do you go to attack the rat for its meat, or the goblin for its clothes? Regardless, don’t let the skeleton get you… not until you hit level 3 anyway.

Is this finished? Well, maybe. Game balance and levelling still needs plenty of tweaking, but it’s more than playable and feels, dare I say it, fun.

(and the music is amazing. I wish I could take credit for it, but it’s the fine work of Edward Shallow. Absolutely wonderful stuff that I’ve used for my own soundtrack as I made Peli, alongside Disasterpeace and Lifeformed).

(it would also be unfair to not mention the wonderful Morf – Peli doesn’t have the same brilliant gameplay, but I found a huge amount of inspiration in the look and feel of the game. Go play it, it’s lovely).

So I’ve still technically got 8 hours to go, but I need sleep. I’m still clinging onto hope that I get a few more hours tomorrow for some tweaking, but frankly it seems unlikely at this point. Today has been 14 hours of effort. I think that takes the total to something in the high twenties. I’ve surprised myself at how much seems to have been done – after years of game making procrastination.

Anyway, I want to do a full witter about the experience at some point over the weekend. I’m really chuffed that I managed to get a game out of this. I hope other people can get some enjoyment out of it 🙂

Peli – Day 6 – Nudity

A little bit of polish this evening – added directional animation for Peli as well as a clothing and weapon system. It’s not wired up to items yet, but here’s a sneak peak…


(do I need to warn people about a single pink pixel? I’m hoping not…)

Also added the start of some finite state machine gubbins for the enemy AI and made the enemy stats also based on the Fibonacci sequence – this is becoming a common thread.

The latest version is playable online. Lots of stuff planned for tomorrow, we’ll see how much I manage to get through. At the very least some more intelligent bad guys!

Peli – Day 4 and 5 – Experience


Day 4 and 5 were taken up by lots of non-rogue activities. Still managed a couple of hours of work though.

Added initial sprites for all 15 enemy types, and they are chosen with different probabilities over the floors – so you’ll see worms on the first floor, and knights on the last. They don’t offer much of an increased challenge, even though XP, HP and levelling up has been implemented. I’m trying to make as much of this to be procedural as possible – level sizes, XP and HP steps are all based on the Fibonacci sequence. We’ll see how that turns out.

I also added some basic walk and attack animations to Peli and the goblin. Ended up creating 10 frames, and using just 1. Lesson learned.

Oh and most importantly: chicken. You can eat it to increase your health.

As usual, it can be played online – or you can view the source code on bitbucket.