Kepler-10b: A finishing touch


Player Shooting enemy, HUD is visible.
Player Shooting enemy, HUD is visible.

The more I work on this game, the more simple and arcade-ish I’m trying to push it. There’s just something special about that laser sound when I destroy an alien from afar…m…Currently there are only a few things that I have yet to finish.

  • Kepler-10b is treating maps as dungeons, instead of going down and up it would make more since to go East,North,South, and West.
  • (BUG) I implemented Bresenhams LOS and it’s causing strange diagonal artifacts (viewable sectors that shouldn’t be viewable)
  • Implement party-system (simple, just add NPCs that follow user and displace them with user when user walks in their direction.
  • Replace stats leveling up system with a party leveling up system to increase all party members stats.
  • Replace medieval-style armor and weapons with functional futuristic weapons (Based off star-trek weapons, and modern space suit types)
  • Continue searching for bugs.

So perhaps I have quite a few things. I work better under pressure anyways haha.